Plumb and Dumber What You Need to Know about At-Home Plumbing

Plumb and Dumber What You Need to Know about At-Home Plumbing


Extra large hose clamps

You shouldn’t feel powerless to your pipes. Once you understand how your toilet and pipes function, you have so much more power over your home, your life and that impending plumbing problem that is bound to pop up just before you have company over. Here is what you need to know about plumbing to keep your drain unclogged, your toilet flushable and your water flowing freely.

Pressure Problems
If you’re unhappy with what your shower head is producing, you should know that you have a choice. A hose clamp is know for moderating pressure. Hose clamps can be tightened or loosened to help water flow more freely or more constricted. Hose clamps come in all kinds of materials, but a stainless steel hose clamp is great for shower purposes. Stainless steel hose clamps are strong enough to hold up to whatever pressure you desire. You can also opt for a the simple hose clamp tool, a zip tie. However, this isn’t guaranteed to hold up for long.

Unclogging Congestion
The best way to address congestion is to get in front of it! Do what you can to put hair traps or garbage disposal contraptions on each drain. This way, you never have the issue of a clogged drain. However, that’s not always possible. When you can’t rely on a trap to catch whatever waste might clog your drain, use a snake to get waste out from your pipes.

Keep plumbing, DIY plumber! And don’t feel afraid to call in the experts if you’ve exhausted your knowledge and need the help.

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