The 101 About Hose Clamps For The Do-It-Yourself Person

The 101 About Hose Clamps For The Do-It-Yourself Person


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Whether you’re someone who prefers to call a professional or do-it-yourself, there are ready supplies for every persuasion. Plumbing, for example, is a field that everybody can appreciate, from keeping your sink in fighting shape to unclogging drains around the house to getting your toilet in working order. Large diameter hose clamps are a versatile tool for any do-it-yourself project that require only a little measuring to fit accurately. Keep reading to learn more about hose clamps, how they’re used and do-it-yourself ideas for the future.

What Is A Hose Clamp?

A hose clamp (also known as a hose clip) is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting. This could be, amongst other things, a barb or a nipple. Hose clamps were originally invented in the 1900’s by a former Royal Navy commander named Lumley Robinson and were designed to be replacements for duct tape and other weaker connecting methods. Hose clamps are manufactured to guarantee a tight seal between a hose and barb and are often found in automotive and home applications. Hose clamp sizes vary depending on the project you need, but many come with maximum and minimum sizes that offer you a small range from which to work with. This is also known as an adjustable hose clamp and are prime choices for people who are just getting started with being a fixer-upper.

What Should I Buy?

There are many different hose clamps out there and it all depends on what projects you’re doing. A wire hose clamp is made out of a heavy piece of wire bent into a U shape while screw clamps are made out of a stainless steel band. Looking up the correct quality and size of a hose clamp is essential if you want to avoid risking leaks, which are especially hazardous if that leak is gas or liquid. Large diameter hose clamps are useful and diverse, but it’s the most important to find the hose clamps that suit your personal needs and skill set. Take a look at this wide variety of tools for your next home project next time a problem arises — you might just enjoy the ease and convenience of independent home or car maintenance.

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