Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chevrolet

Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chevrolet


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Beginning in 1912, the auto brand Chevrolet has manufactured over 200 million trucks and cars. Chevrolet vehicles, endearingly called “chevies” have become truly iconic American cars and trucks. While two thirds of the globe has Chevrolet vehicles on the road, customers can find them anywhere from used car dealerships in Rochester NY to emerging markets in Brazil and China. Here are some interesting facts about Chevrolets.

#1. Shift to Emerging Markets

While Chevrolet is certainly one of the top vehicles sold in the United States and can be found in used car dealerships in Rochester NY, in recent years chevies have become increasingly popular in emerging markets. In fact, in 2010 eight out of the ten top selling countries for Chevrolet vehicles were emerging markets including Mexico, India, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, Uzbekistan, China and Argentina. This increase in global sales doesn’t seem to have diminished domestic sales however. In the beginning of 2011, Chevrolet was the top selling brand of car purchased in the United States.

#2. Pop Culture References

Chevrolet vehicles have made an appearance in pop culture, referenced in songs by hit artists such as Jay Z, Mariah Carey and Kid Rock just to name a few. Classic songs mentioning Chevrolet include “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift, “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John, “American Pie” by Don McLean and “Little Red Corvette” by Prince. The popular internet music streaming service Pandora actually has a station dedicated to playing 100 songs that mention Chevrolet.

#3. Covering the Earth?

In recent years, new Chevy dealers and used Chevy dealers have witnessed tremendous sales of Chevrolet vehicles. In 2010 alone, all the Chevrolets purchased would cover 51% of the globe’s circumference if lined up bumper to bumper. 2011 was an especially bountiful sales year as Chevrolet sold over 4.76 million vehicles.

#4. Green Fuel

Globally, about 40% of Chevrolets on the road now use green fuels as opposed to 60% with conventional fuels. Chevy models that are paving the way in eco-friendly transportation include the fuel efficient models like Chevy Equinox and Chevy Cruse Eco, electric cars like the Chevy Volt and hybrid models like the Chevy Silvarado hybrid and Chevy Tahoe hybrid.

#5. Car Name Inspiration

Have you ever wondered where the names of some Chevy vehicles originated? One of the most popular Cherolet models, the Impala, gets its name from a South African antelope. The Corvette got its name from Myron Scott, naming it after a type of warship that is highly maneuverable. The name Camaro came from a French to English dictionary meaning comrade or pal. The developers wanted the car to have a relationship with its owner like that of good friends or companions.

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, visit your local used car dealerships in Rochester NY to check out the old and new Chevy models. Please share any thoughts or questions about Chevrolet vehicles.

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