Introductory Information About Hose Clamps

Introductory Information About Hose Clamps


Spring hose clamp

Do you frequently work in an industrial setting in which you have to large equipment and accessories like heavy duty hose clamps? If so, you’ll want to make sure you are familiar with the various hose clamp sizes and hose clamp types you may need, as well as how to use them.

You may find that a spring clamp, wire clamp,silicone hose clamps, or even worm gear clamp may be best for your particular situation. A common use for a hose clamp is as a substitute for duct tape or to function much the same way a zip tie might.

If you are making a hose clamp larger, it will become open all the way if you use a screwdriver to rotate it counterclockwise. To make sure that the clamp is securely tightened, you’ll want to be certain that the barb doesn’t have a scratch or nick in it that could compromise the clamp. And you should never try to cut the hose if it is blocked up in any way. This may threaten the integrity of the barb and result in a leak.

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