Month: May 2014

Three Reasons Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

Between the depictions presented by popular TV show Sons of Anarchy and famous non-fiction book Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs by Hunter S. Thompson, most Americans tend to think that bikers are as dangerous as their vehicles. However, most people are wrong on both accounts. Not only are…

Are Your Tires Keeping You Safe? Three Facts You Might Not Know

A recent CBS investigation has found that there are millions of unrecovered recalled tires. In many instances, these tires are still on the road, being driven by unsuspecting drivers. This fact is especially worrisome when you consider that, according to safety experts, wheels are one of the most important protective agents in a vehicle. Some…

Will Google Be Ready To Sell Self-Driving Cars in 2017?

Stephen Hawking warned scientists — and the world — that scenarios in popular science fiction films may not be that far-fetched. According Hawking’s article in The Independent, fine-tuning artificial intelligence may be “the biggest event in human history” and, he cryptically adds, “the last.” What kinds of technology have Hawking so concerned? The Truth About…

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