How to Buy an Electric-Car Charging Station

If you have an electric car, you need to understand just how important it is choosing the best charging station. It doesn’t matter whether you are charging your electric car at hotel or charging your electric car at a resort. Understanding some basics without going too much into the technical details will ensure that you…

The Best Car Advice From Dad

Everyone has someone who they go to for the best car advice, whether it be a friend, family member, or neighbor. Oftentimes, you go to your dad for the best car advice. Your dad usually acts as your first mechanic. They teach you about general car repair, driving a stick shift, checking your oil, changing…

auto body shop tips

Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

Updated 11/24/20 Auto insurance is an agreement that offers financial protection between the insurer and the insurance company. It provides covers for liability, property, and medical expenses. Different auto insurance companies have various terms and conditions depending on your location, budget, and needs. Auto body fender repair involves using solvents and chemicals, hammering, welding, and…

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