Recent Midwestern Flooding Has Caused Problems for Many Farm Communities

Recent Midwestern Flooding Has Caused Problems for Many Farm Communities


Even if they have the deep tread tractor tires on their equipment, there are some farmers in the midwest who are in a real bind this season. As farmers in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and the Dakotas deal with some of the worst ever flooding there are many who are struggling to get their equipment either in or out of the field. In fact, if they did not get their equipment up to higher ground, there are some farmers who are looking at their investment in deep tread tractor tires and wondering when they will ever be able to get back to work.

Although these farmers who have equipment stuck in the field may not be able to rely on the tires that they have, they will be depending on the the best deep tread tractor tires on the rescue equipment that they will have to fire to get literally back on the road.

Are You Looking for New Farm Equipment This Season?

Whether you find yourself searching for rear tractor wheels for a used machine that you recently purchased or you are looking to replace equipment after a recent flood, there are few things more important than the kind of tires that you purchase. There are more than 3 million farmers across the U.S., so it should no surprise that there is an entire industry that provide equipment and services to those people who are helping to feed the nation.

Because farmers are such an important part of our food industry, it only makes sense that when major flooding or other weather events cause problems for farmers that these are problems that will be felt across the nation. And while tractor tire supplies and other equipment sales may see a boost after a major event like the recent flooding in the heartland, it is also likely that all of these costs, expenses, and delays will be felt at the prices of items in the grocery stores for months.

Farming tires are valued at $502 million in the tire and rubber industry, which is higher than that of off-road tires, which are valued at $401 million, according to research from Statistic Brain. Finding a way to make sure that all of the most recent replacement purchases are covered may involve more than just the farmers who are trying to get their tractors both out of an into the fields.

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