The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

does pop a lock unlock houses
does pop a lock unlock houses

The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith


Commercial locksmiths can be very useful in multiple situations. While the most commonly known reason for hiring a locksmith is to replace a lock, you might need them for many other reasons as well. Door lock service can get you inside if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home or car.

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This can be very useful in an emergency situation. Does a locksmith break your lock? This might depend on the situation, but if they do, they can replace it as well. They also know, does pop a lock unlock houses. With a locksmith, you can minimize the damage when lock yourself out.

Whether you need an emergency locksmith or a routine service, you can call a locksmith near me for help. They will be able to do things like open your locks, print extra keys, or put new locks into your home. Since locks are a major part of home safety, you want to make sure that yours work. Working with a professional locksmith might cost a little extra money, but it is worth it for the security.

Over the last five years, the locksmith industry has seen more than a one percent increase in the number of employees and an almost two percent increase in revenue to nearly $2 billion in 2018.

It’s easy to see why. Locksmiths are skilled tradespeople who perform a variety of tasks from installing, adjusting and repairing locks and security devices to duplicating keys to installing and repairing security devices in both residential and commercial settings. Some locksmith companies also provide 24-hour emergency services for those who are locked out, have lost keys or need locks changed or replaced.

For any locksmith business, there are essential tools of the trade that it needs to be successful. Having those essential tools will help locksmiths provide a multitude of services to everyday people and to businesses alike.

If you’re in the locksmith business, here are some essential tools for locksmiths you need:

  • Hand Tools: When it comes to tools for locksmiths, there are many trusty hand tools they need, including a hand drill, a vice for key impressions, a pick gun and pick set and a door lock installation kit.
  • Key Duplicator: One of the most frequent jobs a locksmith performs is key duplication and in a short amount of time, key duplication and key cutting has become more advanced. With today’s advanced security measures for businesses, they require more advanced keys, which require modern milling machines to cut correctly.
    With that in mind one of the most essential tools for locksmiths is a quality key duplicator. Some machines are now able to cut many styles of keys on one machine and are able to cut everything from auto keys to laser cut keys to barrel keys. More traditional machines will do the trick for basic and quicker key duplication. But for more advanced jobs, a machine like the Miracle A9/SEC E9 will allow locksmiths to cut whatever keys they need to.
  • Software for key code conversion: Along with a key duplicator, one of the essential tools for locksmiths is key code conversion software. There are many different codes available for cutting different styles of keys and when it comes to automotive locksmithing, many locks will have a code stamped on them.
    A key code and key code software allow the key code to be converted to actual cuts needed to make a key. Keep in mind that for security reasons, a key code is essential because key codes can’t be used without the proper software to make the necessary cuts.
  • Key programmer: The car keys of yesteryear were easily duplicated, but today’s modern keys have more security features. As a result, many keys have to be programmed to a car by a locksmith, which makes car programming equipment one of the useful tools for locksmiths.
    Key programming equipment can be costly, but it is an essential tool. With proper programming a key won’t work properly in a car and the car will stall after just a few seconds. There are less expensive key programmers available, but the cheaper models may be limited in what they can do and the types of keys (either model or year) that they can program.
  • Car opening tool: Along with key duplication, one of the most important jobs of a locksmith can be picking locks and opening car doors for everyday folks who have locked their keys in their car or their house.
    A car opening kit or a lockpick kit can be another one of the important tools for locksmiths and locksmiths need to be absolutely sure that kits they buy include a long reach tool. Car opening kids are pretty affordable and they are an essential thing to have, especially as locksmiths are well versed in programming keys for cars.

There are many tools for locksmiths they need and can use to be successful. Having the tools described above and others like an auto jiggler, key extrator and a blackjack can help locksmiths offer a wide variety of services to customers and keep a steady stream of business going.

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