Mastering the Maneuver Acing the Parallel Park with a Trailer

Mastering the Maneuver Acing the Parallel Park with a Trailer


For aspiring commercial drivers, conquering the parallel parking maneuver with a trailer is a crucial skill on the CDL test. This maneuver demands precision and knowledge of your vehicle’s size and turning radius. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to help you master it:

Setting the Stage:

Initial Positioning: Drive forward past the designated parking space. Stop when the rear of your trailer is slightly beyond the first set of cones.
Backing Up and Aligning:

Steering and Counter-Steering: Turn the steering wheel all the way left to initiate the back-up.

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Once the trailer axles reach the center point of the landing gear, counter-steer to the right, straightening the tractor and trailer. Aim the driver’s side towards the center of the back wall of the parking space.

Trailer Placement: Continue reversing until the rear driver’s side axle of the trailer reaches the boundary line of the parking space. Remember, avoid going too deep at this stage.

Maneuvering the Tractor:

Positioning the Back: Turn the wheel sharply to the right, placing the back of the tractor within the space, but not all the way in. Steer until the driver’s side rear axle of the tractor reaches the boundary line.

Final Adjustments: Counter-steer all the way to the left, positioning the front of the vehicle. Ideally, everything should be lined up by now.

Mastering the Technique:

Practice entering the parking space in stages: trailer first, then the drive axles, and finally, the steer axle.
Avoid going too deep at any point during the maneuver.
CDL training programs offer valuable instruction and practice opportunities to perfect this skill.
By following these steps and getting ample practice during CDL training, you’ll be well on your way to flawlessly maneuvering your trailer through a parallel parking test.


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