Find the Car of Your Dreams On a Chevy or Subaru Lot

Find the Car of Your Dreams On a Chevy or Subaru Lot


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Looking for a new or used and reliable vehicle? Have you checked our your local Chevy car dealerships or Subaru car dealers? Both of these vehicles are great options for a family car and a car that’s bound to get great mileage, has stellar safety ratings, and excellent performance. Don’t believe me? Just talk to your local Chevy car dealerships or Subaru dealers. They get amazing online reviews and have proved their popularity by the number of them on the road. Did you know for example, that Chevrolets are being driven in 2/3 of the world? Subarus have become more popular in recent years as well, with more and more people opting for them as family oriented cars.
So Talk To Me About the Subaru
Subarus are produced by Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) which was the 26th biggest producer of cars internationally in 2011. The name Subaru actually refers to the Pleiades star cluster in Japanese — also reflected in the logo. Subaru came to American in 1968, when it established a plant in Philadelphia.
Even better, it’s gotten great reviews — Kelley’s Blue Book named it the vehicle with the best resale value in 2015 (something used Subaru dealers are sure to mention) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it seven safety picks in 2015 — now making it the only manufacturer to get the most IIHS safety picks six years running.
For those who are more environmentally conscious, the Lafayette, Indiana plant was the first assembly plant for vehicles to ever reach zero landfill status. Subarus are made with mostly recyclable materials, which awarded Subaru a 97.3% recycling rate for when the vehicles reach the end of their life.
So Talk To Me About Chevy
Your local Chevy car dealerships will most likely boast Chevy’s all-American history, but it’s far more than that. Even though it is a pop culture standard — with mentions in over 1,000 songs — two of their vehicles (a car and a truck) won the 2015 Motor Trend of the year. Kelley’s Blue Book listed Chevy brands as some of the most affordable cars of 2015 and as having one of the most fuel-efficient electric cars. You can see their popularity by the sheer numbers sold — in 2011, Chevy sold almost 5 million cars and trucks and every 6.5 seconds, another Chevrolet is sold somewhere. Not bad!
Many of their vehicles have also been named among the best family cars to own, based on their stellar safety ratings and general roominess. No matter what style of car you prefer, Chevrolet is sure to have something that fits your needs — whether it’s a sleek and more sporty vehicle, a family car with plenty of room and kid friendly seats, or a sturdy and heavy duty pickup truck, Chevrolet is sure to have your back.
For cars and trucks that won’t fail you, head to a Chevrolet or Subaru dealer. They’re sure to have something in your price point and style that you’ll fall head over heels for. After all, a car is an important investment — you want to be sure you’re making the right decision.

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