Choosing the Best RV For Your Travel Needs

Choosing the Best RV For Your Travel Needs


Brake controller

You have decided to finally go ahead with purchasing a recreational vehicle. You have spent thousands of dollars on hotel lodging and you enjoy traveling. You have some time off of work coming up, and you plan to travel across multiple state lines. Purchasing an RV can be very beneficial for travelling. It can save on the costs of lodging, provide comfortable travel, and allow you to travel with your entire family. You are also not restricted to any time schedule when travelling in an RV. It is important to put a lot of thought and research into purchasing the best RV for your specific needs. It is, after all, a big purchase.

Evaluate your travel needs. Do you intend to travel across the entire country? Will your RV simply be used to take quick up north trips for the weekend? The use of the RV should factor into your decision. Some RV?s are built with strong and more durable of frames, making them better suited for high mountains of rough terrains. These types of conditions would be found when travelling across the country. Shorter distances may not require as strong of sway control or a sway control hitch.

Choose a comfortable RV size. RV?s come in all sizes and models. Higher end models tend to be larger and include more features. Smaller models are more cost effective, but do not include as much space. If you have a large family, then a larger RV model may be needed. Smaller families or single travelers may be able to save on costs by going with a smaller RV model. Two main categories of RVs are motorhomes (motorized) and towables (towed behind the family car, van or pickup). Those families who wish to travel in the comfort of their RV would enjoy a motorized RV instead.

Make a list of necessary amenities. Similar to hotels and vehicles, RV?s come with optional amenities. The more amenities that are added to your RV, the more the RV will cost. Some amenities are ideal for long road trips, such as a sway control hitch, a brake controller, or an RV sway control system. Other amenities have more to do with the inside of the RV and the overall comfort of the RV. Towable Rv?s may not require as many amenities, because they are only used for sleeping purposes. Motorized Rv?s provide additional comfort with larger beds, separate bedrooms, bathroom facilities, electricity, full kitchens, and even living room areas. Many of these options are preference.

Decide whether a new or used RV is ideal. Rv purchasers are likely to find more discounted prices when it comes to used RV?s. However, they may require additional maintenance and upkeep. One of the biggest priorities of safe RV travel is ensuring that everything is in top working order. Things like the sway control hitch and the electric brake controllers for trailers should be routinely inspected for safe usage.

Trailer feed (usually blue), this wire connects the brake controller to the 6 way or 7 way trailer connector as the back of the tow. Proper electrical of towable RV?s is important to prevent road accidents. Routine RV inspections can also ensure that not only the sway control hitch is working, but also that the weight is evenly distributed. Weight distribution systems are recommended if your trailer weight is more than 50% of your vehicle?s weight. This is important information for the motorized RV?s that may tow the family vehicle.

A lot goes into the decision of purchasing an RV. Purchasing an RV is a big decision and it should be carefully researched. Someone looking at potential RV?s should figure out a budget, research possible RV?s, decide which amenities are important, have necessary maintenance and upkeep, and choose between a used or new RV, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

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