7 Things You Should Check When Buying a Used Car

7 Things You Should Check When Buying a Used Car


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Are you looking for reliable used vehicles for sale? Maybe you aren’t sure what a reliable used car or truck or van actually is. How can you tell if a vehicle is going to be reliable in the long run? Buying pre-owned cars can be tricky so here are all the steps you need to be affordable used cars that will also be reliable used vehicles.

Take a look at the title history of the car.
Once you find a car that you are interested in, you’ll want to order the title history. Find a reputable site like Carfax to order it. However, keep in mind that although the title histories that come from Carfax originate from police departments and insurance companies, they don’t always have all the information. The National Motor Vehicle title Information System will show the entire history of a vehicle and every single that has happened to them, unless it was never reported and fix privately, off the record, which doesn’t happen to often.

Avoid a car that was previously a rental car or a demo car.
These kinds of cars may not have a whole lot of miles or damage but the problem is that the engines usually have a lot of early wear and tear. Ask the used car dealership out right if the car you are considering was ever a rental. People who rent cars don’t drive them very carefully because they are not their own. While rental companies try to take good care of their cars, they are not able to control what happens to them when they are being rented out.

Get a complete service history.
When looking for reliable used vehicles, make sure that you ask for a service history or maintenance record. A complete record will include not only any maintenance work that has been done but the dates of when they were done. Things like oil changes, tire rotations, tune ups and other small jobs should be included in the report. These are the things that keep cars running longer.

Take a look around the exterior of the car.
This goes without saying. Of course you want a car that doesn’t have a lot of scratches, dings or rust but also look for mismatched paint. This could mean that the car was in a wreck and fixed. Rust could indicate flood damage. Make sure to also check the roof and door jams for paint damage as well

Go ahead and kick the tires
You’ve probably seen people kicking tires and wonder why the do it. A good, newer tire will have more bounce than an old one. Another way to check the tires is to put a penny in the tread. Abraham Lincoln should be facing you but upside down. If you are able to see the top of his head that means the tires need replacing very soon. If that is the only thing wrong, you may be able to negotiate price and get new tires yourself. However, make sure that the tires are actually the only thing that is wrong with it.

Take a look under the hood.
Reliable used vehicles will still have golden or amber colored oil, clear brake fluid, red transmission fluid and a full container of colored coolant. If a car has been well maintained, these things will be in place. If the oil is dark or clumpy, this is a red flag. Anything other than the colors mentioned above should be a warning to you to not get that car.

Bring along a mechanic.
Even if you have completed all of these steps and everything seems to be in order, you should still call on the help of a professional mechanic. They will be able to check for engine damage and other things that need to be done that you may have missed. There are likely to be small things that need to be worked on, as with most used vehicles but there should be nothing that requires immediate attention if the car is going to be considered reliable.

Most of all, don’t be in a rush. Desperate people buy terrible cars, it’s a fact of life. Take your time; find one that you won’t regret buying.

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