Are You Planning a Few More Fall RV Vacations for Your Family?

Are You Planning a Few More Fall RV Vacations for Your Family?


Electric over hydraulic trailer brakes

Finally fall.
The last few days have been unusually hot, but finally fall has arrived. It is a couple of days after the official first day of the season, but the temperatures this morning finally make it feel like the fall weather is here to stick around for awhile. With the cooler temperatures the leaves will soon change colors. And the fall color is the perfect time for a few more weekend trips with the RV and the family.
The longer the camping season extends, however, the more important the safety features on a recreational vehicle are. Fall trips mean that the sun is rising later and setting earlier. More hours of darkness increase the need to be extra careful when you are traveling with your family and pulling a large vehicle.
What Safety Features Have You Added to Your Recreational Vehicle?
Family vacations are more affordable, more meaningful, and more flexible. Along with all of these advantages of RV travel, however, also come the added responsibility of driving a large vehicle that includes very precious cargo. Deciding to travel with your family by RV means that you are taking complete responsibility for the safety of your family.
Fortunately, several safety features can make RV traveler more safe and more predictable. Purchasing vehicle sway control, a trailer brake controller system, and a weight distribution system greatly increase the safety of traveling with a recreational vehicle.
What Is Trailer Sway Control?
Sway control systems are part of the hitch that connects the pulling vehicle and the RV. Available in two different formats, the kind that reduce sway once it has started and the kind that works to prevent sway altogether. If an RV begins to sway the problem can quickly get out of control. Making an investment in a sway control system is making an investment in your family’s safety.
What Are Trailer Brake Controls?
Usually indicated by blue wiring, a trailer feed wire connects the brake controller to the six-way or seven-way trailer connector at the back of the towed vehicle. When you are traveling with your family on an RV vacation, nothing is more important than reliable braking. Especially on winding roads with steep inclines and declines trailer brake controls are essential.
What Is a Weight Distribution System?
One of the things that can cause problems with breaking and can lead to sway control is unequally distributed weight. In an effort to control this, most manufacturers recommend that weight distribution systems are needed if the trailer weight is more than 50% of the pulling vehicle’s weight. Using a weight distribution system can help prevent uncontrolled shifting which can leave to problems that can become safety factors.
RV Travel Continues to Grow in Popularity
Two main categories of RVs are motorhomes and towables. The motorhomes are single units that are motorized and the towables by definition are towed behind a car, van, or pickup. Many families select this method of travel because it allows for more flexible scheduling and more affordable trips. No vacation though, no matter how affordable, flexible, or enjoyable, will be successful if it is not safe. Travel always requires some risk, but traveling by RV can be less safe if you do not purchase the most advanced safety features. Sway control, brake control, and weight distribution systems make all RV travel more safe and predictable.
As many as 11% of U.S. households that are headed by 35 to 54-year olds own an RV. The fact that this number is higher than the 9.3% of owners who are beyond the age of 55-years old indicates that this popular travel option is extending to an increasingly younger audience. With access to as many as 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds across America, RV travelers are able to travel the roads of America for short weekend trips or longer month vacations.
Where and when is your next vacation? Are you taking your RV to your college freshman’s Homecoming football game or do you have a trip with your wife planned to see the Fall colors? No matter where your destination or how long the trip, make sure that you make your RV travel as safe as possible. Add on safety features are essential to your next trip.

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