Where to Next? Baby Boomers Take to the Roads in Their New London Aire RVs

Where to Next? Baby Boomers Take to the Roads in Their New London Aire RVs


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Every year, the number of Americans who go on hiking and camping trips tops the 40 million mark, but have you ever considered taking a family vacation in an RV? Recent studies show that traveling by trailer can cut costs considerably for the average family of four. New and used motorhomes for sale can allow your family to travel comfortably – and give you a sturdy place to come home to after a long day of hiking and camping.

The rate of RV ownership is growing at a record pace across the United States. As Baby Boomers age into their senior years, they purchase RVs in record numbers. The RV business in America is worth more than $35 billion every year, and more seniors are looking for their next HOW, or home on wheels. There are two categories of RVs: motorhomes and camper trailers that are towed behind a van or truck. Snowbird couples follow the summer weather: January in California, anyone? They stay at campsites that are designed for pop up camper trailer docking and continue on their merry way.

The RV lifestyle can be a thrilling way to see the country: new and used London Aire RV dealers notice that their customers want to spend their senior years dedicated to travel and sightseeing. If you like the weather and local attractions in a certain town, just drop anchor at the campsite for a few more weeks. After decades of raising children, working, and saving money for vacations and home repair, millions of senior citizens want to know what it feels like to be driving down the highway, towing a fifth wheel trailer. They want to know where to find Triton boat dealers, and they want to dedicate time and attention to unrestricted travel.

Traveling by London Aire RV? Use the internet to look up your first destination and find a few local attractions that you’d like to see. There are museums of every kind all over the country: would you like to get a bird’s eye view of Native American history? The American Southwest is a prime destination for people who are traveling by London Aire RV and other new and used camper trailers. The weather is usually amenable, and attractions like the Desert Museum in Tuscon, Arizona welcome visitors from out of state all year long. They have a century plant that just bloomed two decades ago for the first time in 102 years, and they have guided tours that describe all of the flora and fauna of one of America’s most beautiful deserts.

One of the greatest thrills that London Aire RV owners report is being able
to go anywhere they want – at any time of year. Take a tour of your relatives and children: stay a few days, see the sights, hug the grandkids, and keep going toward your next destination. Some people prefer the mountains of California, while others are content to park the RV next to a scenic lake. Your RV itinerary will depend upon what you would like to do. RV super center stores can help you furnish your RV: if you’re missing your favorite show, talk to new and used RV dealers and they can help you get connected to the digital superhighway while you’re traveling on down the road.

Travel is very exciting, and many RV owners make a new circle of friends out on the road. Hiking, camping, museums, and perfect sunsets: you’re going to be wondering why you didn’t start traveling by RV sooner. There is such geographical beauty and adventure across America that you could keep going for years or even decades. Take the grandkids with you in the summer and enjoy warm, pleasant winters. The thrill of RV travel is that, once you can set your own schedule, you may not know where the road will take you next. Enjoy the ride!

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