RV Camping and Weekend Boating Trips Can Become a Habit!

RV Camping and Weekend Boating Trips Can Become a Habit!


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The wild water skiing and tubing days were a blast. Your three grown children and your two younger nieces treasured the times you were able to spend together camping and boating. The location never mattered as much as the company. You spent weekends together at small lakes in Iowa and large lakes in south Dakota. The trips began at a time when the young nieces were a little nervous about leaving their parents for a four day weekend. By the time the trips ended, the nieces were high schoolers and often prompted the planning of the next outing.
These days those young nieces are in college and your oldest son has ownership of the ski boat. You and your wife have different plans. The kids and the nieces still have plans to camp and boat together at least one weekend this summer, but you and your wife will not be going. The weekend that works for the young crowd does not work with your schedule.
Instead, you are taking this weekend to look at new pontoon boats and make a purchase. After years of driving used boats and used travel campers, you and your wife are making an upgrade. The visit to the boat shop with the largest inventory of new pontoon boats is the first step. Once the boat has been decided upon, you will make a decision about the kind of recreational vehicle you want to purchase. Your wife is leaning toward one of the Airstream trailer models and you want to take one more walk through the RV superstore that has a variety of models. Just another two years away from complete retirement, the new pontoon boats are calling your name!
Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers Rival Some Small Cabin Offerings
A some point in your life you may decide that although the used boats and campers were fun for awhile, the real fun is in having a luxury RV with a powerful pontoon boat. The long weeks away from home that are now a possibility with retirement mean that you need a little more out of your home on wheels. You still want to take boat rides with the kids and grandkids, watching them water skiing and tubing, but you also want a more relaxing option. Pontoon boats with decks large enough for either standing or sitting make the rides more comfortable and manageable.
New pontoon boats also come with a variety of features that make days on the lake seem like some of the best days with family and friends.
America has more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide. These sites allow family RV travelers free to roam America?s roads for a single weekend or for months at a time. A recent survey of families who have increased the amount of time that they spend camping indicate the following reasons:

  • 64% indicate that they enjoy getting away more often
  • 47% indicate that they like spending more quality time with family
  • 44% indicate that they camp and travel by RV to escape stress
  • 42% indicate that they enjoy traveling more inexpensively
  • 38% indicate that they enjoy getting away without advance planning

Not surprisingly, after the initial investment, RV camping is an option that begins to pay for itself. Even with the cost of fuel, many RV campers indicate that they see substantial savings over the traditional travel method of staying in hotels. In fact, a recent survey found that a family of four traveling by RV on vacation can save as much as 23% to 59% on their vacation costs. In some instances, RV living is so comfortable and affordable that retired couples make the RV their primary residence, simply traveling from location to location and from friends to relatives.
Whether you are a family looking at used campers for sale for our first purchase or you are a long time RV enthusiast who is ready to upgrade to the latest model, the camping sites have never been more plentiful. And whether you are ready to move from a dependable ski boat to one of the new pontoon boats, your family and friends, even young nieces, will be more than happy to join you on the lake!

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