Used Tires Are A Budget Friendly Benefit For Any Car Five Questions To Ask About Your Vehicle In 2020

Used Tires Are A Budget Friendly Benefit For Any Car Five Questions To Ask About Your Vehicle In 2020


It’s a new, beautiful year ripe with potential. It’s also still heavily snowing and putting strain on your car. You win some, you lose some!

When you invest in quality used tires from your local tire shop, however, you have nothing but benefits to look forward to. Drivers today are more keen than ever on saving money, thanks to rising gas prices and unpredictable weather. Should you be one of many looking for a good deal, consider reading below. Good tires have one of the highest ROIs of any addition to your car. Finding the right one is a matter of analyzing your life style and determining what works best for you.

Used tires for sale are always available. Take this short questionnaire and give your car the treat it deserves in 2020.

When’s The Last Time You Gave Your Car A Check-Up?

This is probably the most important question on the list, as your car’s health check-ups will keep you clued in on what you need to do. Vehicle negligence is one of the most common car problems in the United States and cause billions in damages every year. It can be as subtle as forgetting to change your oil and as stark as driving with a broken windshield. According to a 2017 study of tire-related crashes, there were over 735 traffic fatalities caused directly or indirectly by poor tires. Visiting your tire shop twice per year is considered wise for most.

How Often Do You Drive During The Week?

Here’s another question that’ll steer you (pardon the pun) toward the tires you need: how often do you drive? Do you use your car just to go back and forth between the local grocery store or do you rely on your car for the commute? The more you drive, the more likely you’ll need tire rotation checks and alignment checks. These should be done once per year to make sure you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your vehicle. You should consider buying a spare tire to change in the event of a flat — a flat tire can lose up to 20% of its air and seem full.

What Kind Of Environment Is Your Car Often In?

Another good question for the books: what kind of environment do you often find yourself in? Are you usually driving on paved roads or do you love to take your car out on camping trips? The four main types of off-road tires are all-terrain, mud-terrain, winter tires, and sand tires. Off-road tires are usually described the measurement of their outer diameter, which comes in inches. Tires that are 33 inches or larger, for example, are considered prime for rock crawling and trail riding due to their extra clearance.

Do You Have Your Winter Tires Installed?

You never can be too careful on these slippery roads! Winter tires are your best friend during the cold season, adding extra grip and keeping your car from being overtaxed. Your tire shop will have used winter tires for you to choose from, put through a rigorous testing process to make sure they’re suitable for resale. Check with your car insurance to see if you can get a discount for getting your tires installed. Some policies will offer a little incentive to keep their drivers acting proactively!

Are You Familiar With Rent To Own Options?

If you’re on a budget, never fear. You have options for getting quality used tires that keep your car in good health. Rent to own options (shortened to RTO) are an increasingly common choice for today’s American drivers, offering you the ability to gain new equipment with different payment options. Some tire shops don’t require a credit card check and will go out of their way to make sure you’re covered. Consider repairing rims or getting a spare while you’re at the shop, too.

Head forward into the new year feeling confident about your car’s health. You’ll be amazed at what a new set of tires will do.

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