When Was the Last Time That You Had to Deal with a Cracked or Chipped Windshield?

When Was the Last Time That You Had to Deal with a Cracked or Chipped Windshield?


Not the way that you wanted to start the day.

After coming out a few minutes early to start your car you realized that you had forgotten your phone inside. As a result, you made a quick run into the house to get the phone. Distracted but the fact that you left the coffee maker on, you decided to not only shut that off, but also double check that everything else in the house was shut off. In those few minutes when you were in the house, your running car was stolen out of the driveway, along with your wallet, the school’s laptop, and all of the papers that you were taking back in to school.

Aside from the time when you had to foot the bill for windshield repair after someone broke in to your car, this is only the second time that you have had to call the police. Your only hope is that the doorbell app at one of the neighbor’s will provide some clues as to who took your car and provide at least some chance of getting at least your belongings back.

Broken Windshields and Stolen Cars Are Major Disadvantages to Vehicle Owners

Short of a stolen car, one of the most common things that people experience in the maintenance of a car is in the services that are provided by an auto glass shop. In fact, there are some studies that show that with the window tinting that is provided by an auto glass shop you can help eliminate part of the temptation people have in stealing a car. When a would be their cannot see in the car and assess the value of what is inside, they may be less tempted to risk the crime. Owning a vehicle requires careful attention to many details, and it can be tempting to overlook the need to visit an auto glass shop, but the most diligent car owners know that even problems that appear small can be problematic.

In fact, any time that you are dealing with a crack or chip in the windshield, no matter how small, you risk that the damage can spread or that sunlight can cause your vision to be interrupted. Any kind of impaired vision is especially problematic when you are driving on the interstate and this is one of the main reasons why you want to make sure that you are getting any windshield replacement or repairs taken care of immediately.
Having a car stolen can be a scary experience, but even if you are only dealing with a broken, cracked, or chipped windshield it is important to make sure that you contact an auto glass repair shop to seek a solution. Fortunately, some cracked windshield repair can be corrected while you are at work or at home. In fact, a growing number of auto glass repair shops offer mobile services. When you combine this convenience with the fact that many insurance companies cover the cost of windshield repair pr replacement there really is no reason to not take care of this problem.

As there are more and more vehicles in the road and as construction projects continue to impact the amount of sand and gravel that is on roadways, it should come as no surprise that the incidence for broken, cracked, or chipped windshields increases. In fact, the latest research indicates that by the year 2025, the total revenue for the U.S. automotive glass industry will reach approximately $2.29 billion. As the need for more services from out glass shops increase, it also only makes sense that there will be more competition for the needs that consumers have.

Nearly 15 million windshields are replaced every year in the U.S. and this is part of the reason that as many as 18,910 employees working in the automotive repair and maintenance industry as of 2017. In addition to the window tinting services that they offer, the hot glass repair industry also makes sure that they are doing their part to keep the roads as safe as possible.

What auto glass shop do you call when you have a windshield problem to get fixed?

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