Four Things to Consider on Where to Get Your Car Washed

Four Things to Consider on Where to Get Your Car Washed


It’s hard to avoid a car wash. Keeping your car looking its best not only affects the appearance of your car, but it can help minimize damage from winter road salt or sand, ensuring a long life for your car. However, taking the time to research where to get your car washed is a great step to take before you splash any water on that car. Car cleaning is about more than just water and soap; there are plenty of chemicals that can actually harm your car, as well as the environment.

Taking the time to do a little research before you utilize any type of car wash, from a full service car wash to a touchless car wash, can help you get the best benefits not only for your car, but for yourself as well. Let’s review four research points to consider where to get your car washed.

Look at Those Google Reviews

There’s no better review than that of the customer. Check out reviews of car wash companies online to see what their customers are saying. The honesty of customers sharing their reviews on Google, Yelp, even Facebook, and help you avoid going to a car wash that will end up being a waste of money, or potentially damage your car.

Location is Key

Convenience is major piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding out where to get your car washed. If you find a great place online that’s a hundred miles away, is it really worth the trip? Probably not. So narrow your search down to local areas, or places that you’d be willing to visit.

Find Out What Kinds of Chemicals Are Used

For many people, car wash chemicals don’t cross their mind when searching for a car wash. But it’s important to consider these chemicals, both for the environment and for the efficiency in which your car is cleaned. High pH chemicals break through grease buildup on your car, so a high pH soap balance is a must. However, acidic soaps can damage the coating on your car, as well as seriously affect the environment.

Consider Your Time Crunch

When will you be getting your car washed? Will you be trying to take your car through the wash on your lunch break, or when you’re going to and from work? If so, take a quick drive by the location to see how busy it is. Approximately 8 million cars are washed a day, and with numbers like that, some car washes, from the self service car wash to the touchless car wash, are extremely busy during the lunch hour, as many other people have the same idea as you. If the location is too prime, it may not be the right car wash for you. Or, you may need to consider visiting the car wash at a different time or different day of the week.

Where to get your car washed can take a few trials and errors before you find a great place. Utilize these tips to help make that trial easier, and keep your car sparkling throughout all the seasons.

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