Top 7 Chevy Cars of 2014

Top 7 Chevy Cars of 2014


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Chevy is one of the automotive giants in the United States and in the world. There are lots of new Chevy dealers locally, and you should check out some of these shops if you’re interested in learning about the latest models of Chevy cars. For over 100 years, Chevy has been producing well made, strong and reliable cars and trucks, and this has earned them respect as a top auto manufacturer. Local Chevy dealers can walk you through the most popular cars and can help you choose a model that’s in line with your needs. Recently, ranked the top cars of 2014, and Chevy won big — there were seven Chevy cars and trucks on the list. Here’s a review of the top Chevy vehicles in 2014, and if you want to know more, go to your new Chevy dealers locally to check them out.

    1. Corvette Stingray
    This classic and sleek sports car earned a top rated vehicle award and was ranked among the most popular mid range sports cars. The Corvette is iconic in every way, from its body style to the bold colors it comes in, and this car definitely makes a big statement. It was first introduced in 1953, and today it still is one of the most loved sports cars in America.

    2. Traverse
    The 2014 Chevy Traverse earned a top rated vehicle award and a mention as one of the most popular large crossover SUVs. It’s loved by consumers for its reliability, large seating capacity, extra space for cargo room, and ability to perform on the road.

    3. Camaro
    The Camaro was one of the most popular entry sports cars, and it’s the perfect first buy for people who are interested in owning a fast performing car. The unique design, cutting edge technology and high performance of this car helped bring it to the top in the past year.

    4. Colorado
    The Chevy Colorado got a shoutout as one of the most popular compact trucks this year. It gets 27 mpg, has wi-fi connectivity, an 8 inch touch radio, and 205 horsepower. This truck doesn’t fall short of it’s bigger competition, and that’s what made it a top seller in 2014.

    5. Tahoe
    This was among the most popular large traditional SUVs, and it’s been a top choice for buyers for several years. It’s a tried and true vehicle that’s known to perform, with 355 horsepower that ensures a reliable ride. There’s lots of room for cargo and passengers, and long road trips in a Tahoe will be comfortable.

    6. Silverado 1500
    Among the most popular large trucks, the Silverado 1500 is loved for its ability to get through any terrain. It’s a great vehicle to two others because it has lots of horsepower.

    7. Impala
    The Chevy Impala is a classic and earned a spot as one of the most popular large cars in 2014. It’s great for having some extra cargo room while still getting good gas mileage, and this car is regarded for its performance as the ideal family car. Another bonus for the 2014 model is the wi-fi availability during travel.

What is the best Chevy car or truck in your opinion? Do you prefer visiting new Chevy dealers locally or do you go to used Chevy dealers to get your vehicles? If you have any thoughts, please share them by leaving a comment below. Read this website for more information.

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