Is it Time to Buy Your Teen a Car?

Is it Time to Buy Your Teen a Car?


Rochester car dealerships

When Janet decided it was time to purchase her daughter her first car, she knew she should first explore the local Chevy car dealerships, along with with some of the smaller car dealers in her area. Her top priority for what she was looking for at new Chevy dealers was a car that had top safety ratings. She also knew that she wanted the local Chevy car dealerships she visited to offer a great deal on a warranty that would help to make sure that this new car would not come with unexpected expenses from repairs. After shopping around at other dealerships, she decided the new Chevy dealer down the road from her home was the best place to focus her search.
One thing she had always appreciated about her local new Chevy dealer was the fact they had great hours. After work one evening, she told her daughter she needed to run some errands, hoping to keep the entire car buying process a secret from her unsuspecting child. When she arrived at the dealership, she was welcomed and because all of the salespeople were busy, she made herself comfortable in a waiting room. While waiting, she picked up a brochure and learned a few interesting things. She didn’t realize what a strong history Chevy had. It’s famous bowtie emblem has been around since 1913. In 2011 alone, Chevy sold more than 4.7 million automobiles, meaning that every 6.5 seconds, a Chevy is sold somewhere in the world. Janet liked seeing that she was going to be in good company with her purchase of a new Chevy.
When a salesperson approached Janet, she explained she had looked at several other dealerships, including other local Chevy car dealerships before deciding to focus her search at this particular company. The salesperson helped Janet to think more about what exactly she wanted in a vehicle for her daughter. Janet stressed the importance of safety, and also told the salesperson she wanted to make sure the car she bought would be reliable for her daughter. While her daughter did not need the fanciest vehicle she sold, Janet did like the idea of upgrading a few features to help make sure her daughter did not get lost and could get help right away in the case of an accident. The salesperson assured Janet that they could offer her those features at a great price.
After test driving a few different models and negotiating for a great price, Janet set up a plan to surprise her daughter. Her new car would be ready to pick up the next afternoon, so Janet told her daughter that they needed to go to the store together because Janet needed her help picking out a new pair of shoes. Instead of the shoe store, Janet pulled into the dealership, handed her daughter her new key, and watched as her daughter realized what was happening. Seeing her daughter get behind the wheel of her new vehicle cemented in her mind that she made the right choice.

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