The Top Tricks to Extending Your Mercedes’ Life

The Top Tricks to Extending Your Mercedes’ Life


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Mercedes-Benz drivers love their automobiles and put as much time in their vehicle as they do money. A poorly maintained vehicle is not one that remains on the road for long as many drivers can attest to. For this reason, we’ve compiled the top things that Mercedes drivers want you to know about Mercedes care.


Since 1926, Mercedes-Benz has provided dependable, stylish cars for the scrutinizing customer. That pride of craftsmanship goes into every make and model to meet the highest industry standards. In 2013 Mercedes diesel cars in the US reached the highest annual sales volumes in the company’s history with 312,534 units sold. With numbers like that, its no wonder why most customers who buy from Mercedes dealerships are likely to return when looking for a new car.

Replacement Parts
In order to ensure the continued value of your vehicle, it is recommended to always use manufacturers’ so that your vehicle remains in original condition. Thanks to modern barcoding and part number systems, it has never been easier to identify the desired part for the right job. Intuitive websites and car manuals attach a part number so anyone can order the right part from the comfort of home. For those looking for an economical solution, Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts can be an alternative.

Synthetic Oil
It is recommended that vehicle owners check on power steering fluid level each week, and brake and transmission fluid monthly. Most Mercedes drivers switched to a synthetic oil, as it only needs to be changed every 7,500 miles or six months, instead of the 5,000 mile norm of conventional oil.


Properly inflated tires are essential to maintaining healthy Mercedes diesel cars. Mercedes owners recommend rotating and balancing your tires every six months along with regular visual inspections. If you have not bought new tires in over 6 years, it is recommended that you inspect your tires wear and tear.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Like the doctor’s office, a Mercedes shop checks on the health and longevity of your Mercedes diesel car. An owner’s manual will often inform the driver on when it is time for a factory tune-up. Mercedes diesel cars should look as beautiful as it drives. Properly washing and waxing your Mercedes-Benz can remove damaging dirt and chemicals that could ruin your paint if left alone. When inspecting a finish, Mercedes recommends that you run a clean, dry hand along the surface of your Mercedes diesel car surface. If it doesn’t feel as smooth as glass, then it could mean you missed some bonded contaminants. Benz cars are investments, and when properly cared for you and your Mercedes-Benz can enjoy many more years on the road together.

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