The Top Three Fun Facts About American Cars that You May Not Have Known

The Top Three Fun Facts About American Cars that You May Not Have Known


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For all that people are interested in cars, there are some things that people just don’t find out about. Here are three car facts you may not have picked up:

1. Car Horns are More Musical Than You Would Think

There are all sorts of musical custom car horns circulating through the market. There is no doubt that there are great car tones available on even classic car dealer websites. This doesn’t mean that the remaining car horns from the online car dealers are any less musical though. In fact, most car horns are designed with music in mind. Most American car horns blare and beep in the same key — the key of F. Online car dealers and used car dealers alike can get you a musical car horn for sure!

2. Tickets Are More Regularly Issued More Regularly Than You’d Expect

When you get a ticket, it can feel like the world has decided to give you a horrible day. You aren’t as alone as you may feel at that moment though. In fact, tickets are issued way more regularly than you’d expect. Every minute, about sixty five people across the US are pulled over and issued a ticket. This means a little more than one person a second is going through what you are. You are definitely not alone in your pain!

3. Cleveland May Be Safer for Driving Than It Seems

For all that Cleveland is known for, traffic safety and history may not be one of them. It has as much claim to that as anything else though! In nineteen fourteen, the first traffic light in the entire country was instated in Cleveland. On average, it may be one of the safest cities for driving by that logic! Did you learn anything new here? See this link for more references.

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