The Perks Of Traveling By Bus Economies, the Environment, and Small Businesses

The Perks Of Traveling By Bus Economies, the Environment, and Small Businesses


Bus charter

If you are looking for something different to do for a family vacation or just a get-away, consider booking some charter bus tours. While you may picture in your head stuffy buses filled with tourists, you may be surprised to find that these buses incredibly comfortable and easy for you. In addition to the benefits you get (awesome experiences and traveling to new places, for example), you will also be helping boost the local economy at each stop the bus makes. Here are some of the differences charter bus tours can make.

Charter Bus Tours Boost Local Economies

Of all the passenger trips taken every year, over 750 million are done by charter buses — that?s more than some airlines. Each stop each bus makes with each tour group generates almost $12,000 for that economy totaling around $1.2 billion spent annually. Total motor coach travel transactions generate $55 annually.

Coach Buses are the Greener Option

Per passenger gallon of fuel, charter buses provide over 206 miles, while passenger railroads provide 92 miles, hybrid cars provide 46 miles, airlines provide 44 miles, and cars provide 27 miles. The buses also emit 3 times less carbon dioxide than railroads and 6 times less carbon than regular transportation buses! One motor coach can remove 55 personal automobiles from the road ? 55 less vehicles to get into accidents!

Booking A Charter Bus Tour Helps Small Businesses

The bus business has been around since the 1800’s when the vehicles were originally pulled by horses. Today, the industry is the fastest growing traveling sector and consists of around 3,400 businesses, 33,400 vehicle providers, and employs nearly 800,000 people.

By booking your travel needs via bus as opposed to expensive airlines or your own personal car, you are helping to reduce your own travel carbon footprint as well has boosting various economies and helping small businesses grow — all while kicking your feet back and relaxing as someone else does the driving. It makes you wonder why more people are not traveling this way.

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