How Darker Windows Can Help Save Your Skin

How Darker Windows Can Help Save Your Skin


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Nobody necessarily looks forward to a commute, but did you know that if you live in a very sunny area and are constantly in stop and go traffic in direct sun, that your commute could also be bad for your health? You’ve probably felt how hot the sun can make your car’s interior, even with the air conditioning on. You may not realize the power that UV rays have to damage your skin! The sun an also be responsible for bad sun glare that can often lead to accidents. If you’re concerned about these things, an auto window tinting is an easy fix for these issues.Window tinting can also be a good way to protect children from the sun’s effects or keep a vehicle’s passengers incognito.
What are the Perks of a Window Tinting Service Again?
Reduced Skin Damage
In vehicles with auto window tinting, a study has found over a 90% decrease in the death of skin cells when UV exposure was filtered. Other tints can help protect you from 99.9% of UV rays — an incredible amount of protection! Did you know, for example, that your greatest source of UV radiation could be from the side windows of your vehicle — around 60% of the radiation comes through the windows. Car windshields often have some kind of treatment to protect drivers, but side windows are neglected. If you’re getting exposed to UV radiation constantly because of your windows, your skin could be aging faster by about five to seven years. So much for all those anti-aging skin creams you’ve been using!
Improved Driving Safety
Glare is a serious issue for drivers — it’s responsible for around 3,000 accidents annually. Suddenly not being able to see because of glare can often cause panic and actions that we wouldn’t ordinarily take, like a jerking of the wheel or going too slowly in order to compensate for the lack of sight. Luckily, auto window tinting can help prevent against sun glare. In one study conducted on car crashes, around 80% of drivers who had been exposed to glare were responsible for hitting the other party, versus a little over 50% of drivers who hit the other party with their vision not impaired.
Cost and Time of Installation?
Luckily for you, car window tinting is a fairly straightforward procedure, that can take anywhere from two to four hours — you just need to have time to let the tinting dry. It may cost you between $100 and $400, depending on the quality and how large your vehicle is. You have the option of doing it yourself with online kits or dropping it off at a tinting service.
Do your skin a favor and consider tinting your windows, especially if you have small children. You can make a difference by just putting in a simple tint! You may also help reduce your risk of accidents and make your driving experience a safer one for yourself and everyone around you. Additionally, with the window tint, you may find that your car stays cooler in hot months as well!

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