Wedding Day Charter Bus Rentals Advice, Tips, and How To’s

Wedding Day Charter Bus Rentals Advice, Tips, and How To’s


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Congratulations, he or she asked and he or she said yes. Now it’s time to actually plan the most important day of your life. While many people grow up fantasizing about the perfect white dress, the perfect musical arrangement for the walk down the aisle, and arranging the flowers just so, not many of us grow up fantasizing about the perfect charter bus rentals.
It might not be the sexiest aspect of wedding planning, but arranging group transportation for your wedding party is a crucial part of the big day. Unfortunately, some brides and grooms neglect this portion of the party planning until it’s almost too late, forcing them to make do with merely adequate transportation.
So as soon as you can, set aside some time to discuss and plan for your transportation. If you plan on serving booze, and especially if you’re springing for the open bar, then having transportation arranged ahead of time might just be the most important decision you make, lest you want people to remember your wedding day as the night Uncle Jim got his second DUI.
So we talked to some professional charter bus drivers to learn their top tips, advice, and how to’s when it comes to charter bus rentals.

  1. Book Early! If you’re planning a winter wedding, you might be able to find last minute transportation. But if you’re planning a weekend wedding in the summer or spring, then you’ll want to schedule travel ASAP. As soon as you know your dates, and as soon as you have a rough estimate of the guest list, make arrangements for travel.
  2. Develop an Itinerary: Your charter bus company will help you plan the actual maps and routes, while also taking care of issues like parking. But it’s important for you to know how much travel is involved between the wedding ceremony, the reception, and any hotels guests will be staying at. While it’s not necessary nor within everyone’s budget, it’s considered polite to arrange travel for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, at the very least. If possible, arrange extra motorcoaches or charter buses to guests from out of town, or anyone who might need a designated driver.
  3. Ask About the Booze: While not everyone plans on drinking on their wedding days, some wedding partys tend to really let loose. Many charter bus companies do allow passengers to consume alcohol on board, but double check beforehand if this is in your plans.
  4. Plan For Wiggle Room: Give yourself extra time in between destinations. You can’t always plan for weather, traffic, and life’s little surprises.
  5. Budget for a Tip! While not all charter bus rentals allow tips, usually a tip is expected. If you feel that your charter bus company has satisfied all your needs, plan on providing the driver/s with an appropriate tip.

When you’ve finally made all the arrangements, remember, it’s your day! Enjoy it.

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