The Many Uses of Lock Picks

The Many Uses of Lock Picks


The concept of locks is an old one, and for centuries, locks have been used to restrict access to rooms and buildings or the contents of vaults or safes. Today, this is still true, though locks can also be used on car doors and gym lockers. The problem is when a key is lost, a combination is forgotten, or if a key breaks off in a lock. If a lock turns against its owner, that can mean trouble, as the person can’t access their house, car, or safe as they normally can and should. Fortunately, there is an entire industry built around this, and key extractors, lockpick sets, locksmith tool kits, and more can be used in the hands of a pro. A key extractor can remove a damaged key from a lock, and some professionals can even help reprogram a car’s key fob or help someone get into their electronic portable safe. Auto jigglers in particular may be used on cars, along with key extractor is necessary.

Using Lock Gear on Cars

All cars have locks on their doors and trunk (boot in the UK), since a car is a very valuable item and of course no one wants a stranger to drive off in it. But sometimes, a car’s owner may lock the doors and close them with the car keys still inside, and they are “locked out” of their car. This can be a problem in most cases, but car owners are reluctant to break the window to get their keys. Instead, these car owners may call upon auto lock smiths to help, and use any phone to call those professionals and specify where their locked car is. A nearby agency will send a lock pick expert, who will verify that the owner is indeed the owner.

The professional may use auto jigglers and other gear to pick the car door lock and allow the owner to get inside and reach their own keys and fob. And if the car key broke off on the door lock or in the ignition, a key extractor may be used. A broken piece of key is difficult to remove otherwise, and that broken piece prevents the lock from being used so long as it’s jammed inside the lock or ignition. Damaged or malfunctioning key fobs can be repaired, replaced, or reprogrammed, too.


Another good time to call upon lockpick experts is if someone locked themselves out of their house, just as they might with a car. Here again, a person may be reluctant to force entry in their own residence, and they wouldn’t want someone else to see them doing that and call the police on them. Instead, lockpick experts can help, after the homeowner verifies that this is their property.

Such lockpicking may also happen in case of emergency. A lone, elderly homeowner may suffer a medical emergency and call 911, but the front door is still locked. In some cases, the door may be forced open, but in other events, first responders may use lock picks to gain access without damaging the property. The same may be true if a criminal has taken shelter in a house or building where all the doors and windows are locked. Law enforcement officers and agents may use lockpick to gain entry without making a big fuss or damaging property, and this allows them to pursue and apprehend any criminals inside. This may be done on commercial buildings, too, where criminals are taking shelter.


Many Americans own mobile safes for either personal or work property, and keeping that property secure. Such safes are heavy but can be moved around, and they may have either a manual combination lock on them or an electronic keypad. Once the owner verifies that this is their safe (and they’re not trying to steal anything), an expert can help them get into that safe. Sometimes, the owner may have forgotten the combination, or the safe has malfunctioned or the keypad is not responding as it should. This may make an attractive alternative to breaking the safe open, which ruins it and would be difficult anyway. The locksmiths might also help the owner program in a new combination or fashion a new key.

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