What to Do About Worn Out Tires

What to Do About Worn Out Tires


Many millions of American adults own their own cars or pickup trucks, and while these vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, the basics are all the same. Vehicle owners should stay on top of any upkeep or repair needs of their machine, and that includes something as mundane as finding tire sales for new, cheap tires that work well. A tire shop may offer some appealing tire sales for customers, and these tire sales may feature a number of brands. And don’t forget the rims or wheels either, which may need upkeep of their own. Responsible car owners will look out for tire sales when their vehicle is due for new tire sets, and enthusiasts may get new tires for looks as well as function. What is there to know about tire upkeep? And what about rims?

All About Car Tires

A car’s tires is one of the most mundane parts of the vehicle, but no less important for it. All cars and trucks need good tires, and a fresh and sturdy set of tires will keep a car running smoothly and maintain its fuel economy. A new car is bound to have fresh tires on it, but someone who looks over used cars to buy may want to check on the tires. Even if the tires are in usable shape, the car’s owner may soon look to have those tires replaced. Many car owners measure the tires’ age and condition based on either elapsed time, or how many miles the car has driven on those tires.

What might go wrong? Even if tires do not suffer from blunt trauma, they may wear out over time, and their grip may get worn off and thus make them more slippery. Worn out tires can be dangerous in rain or on snow or ice, and old tires tend to slowly deflate even after they get fresh air pumped in. Partially deflated tires may slow down a car and make it erratic, which hurts its fuel economy and may make it dangerous on the road.

In other cases, blunt trauma will happen, and a car may run over broken glass, scrap metal or sharp rocks, or a fallen tree branch that will puncture the tires. A ruined tire goes flat in a hurry, and this may send a car out of control or at least make it unfit to drive. Handy car owners have spare tires on hand and can fit them on, while other car owners may simply call for a tow truck and get their car towed to a shop.

A car’s owner might not only replace tires when they are old, but when winter arrives, they may get tires that are specially designed to deal with ice and snow, and this can be very helpful. Tires come in many brands, after all, and some tires may be considered quite stylish. Other tires may be more rugged and designed for off-road driving, which some driving enthusiasts will like. Smoother, more conventional tires should only be driven on roads.


A car’s wheels are made up of not only the tires, but also the metal wheels and the rims that fit over them. A car’s owner will not replace the wheels very often, but they may get new rims fitted on for all sorts of reasons. Some car rims suffer damage from impacts or vandalism, but fortunately, these rims can be removed and have dents pounded right out of them. In other cases, the rims might be replaced entirely with new, fresh models. Rims are often made of aluminum, which means that while they can be washed, the owner should not scour them with steel wool or risk scratching the surface.

Car enthusiasts may also concern themselves with their car’s aesthetics. These owners may like street racing or showing off their cars at car meets, and they may customize the rims and wheels, among other body modifications. Stylish rims can be fitted on, and such rims can be painted different colors, too. Some car owners even have lights in their rims of different colors, simply to show off their prized cars to impress others.

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