Why You Might Need a Lock Picked

Why You Might Need a Lock Picked


The idea of locks and keys is quite an old one, and for many centuries locks have been used to restrict access to buildings, rooms, treasure chests, and much more. Today’s locks are more advanced than anything in history, and are often used for the same reasons. Locks today may keep strangers out of your house or car, or they may protect jewelry, cash, or expensive electronics in a portable safe. Locks may also be used on doors inside buildings, or be used to keep a gym locker door secure. The problem is that sometimes, losing a key or forgetting a safe combination means that a lock turns against its owner, and being unable to access a room or a safe’s interior can be a real problem. So, expert professionals can be called in, who may have car opening tools such as car lock picks, electric lock picks, and even lock pick kits, ready for any problem. A lock pick training kit may be bought online for any aspiring professional lock picker (for legal reasons), and a person may look up “where to buy lock pick set” online to find them. They may enter “where to buy lock pick set” and find lock picking sets at online wholesalers, or even enter “where to buy lock pick set” and find some at local retailers to purchase. When someone enters “where to buy lock pick set”, they are getting into a large industry that is often taken for granted, but no less important for it. When must some locks get picked?


It is common for Americans to accidentally lock themselves out of their cars or pickup trucks. Many thousands of people do this every year, and it can be a real problem if the person cannot get back into their car and drive home. Most often, this happens when the driver locks the doors, leaves the keys in the car by accident, then closes the door. A person might strand themselves far from home, but they can get help. Such a person may use any phone to call a lock pick service, and a nearby service will send over a lock picker. Once that person verifies that the person they meet is indeed the car’s owner, they will use lock picks to open the car door and give the owner access inside.

Many cars today also have electronic fobs, little handheld devices that may lock and unlock cars remotely for convenience. Such fobs often have a panic button on them too, in case they spot criminals trying to break into their car. But these fobs may get lost, or they may cease to function or get damaged. If this happens, the car’s owner may contact the manufacturer and get that fob replaced, or repaired into good working order. Such fobs can also be reprogrammed in the hands of a professional, in case the car no longer responds to the fob’s button presses.

Houses and Safes

A homeowner may call upon lock pickers for much the same reason as some car owners: they accidentally locked themselves out of their property. The homeowner may verify that they own the house, and the professional will help them get in. But that is not the only reason to pick a house’s front door. In other cases, the occupant may have suffered a major medical problem and called 911, but responders can’t get through the locked front door. So, they may pick the lock to get inside without having to break it down. The same might be done for a burning building if there is time to pick a locked door instead of break it down. This may be a matter of discretion. And in yet other cases, picking a building’s doors may be done so that law enforcement officers can get into a building to pursue and capture a criminal inside.

The owner of a portable safe may have forgotten the combination, or the safe is malfunctioning. If so, the owner may call the manufacturers and have an expert sent to hack into the safe and help the owner program in a new combination. Such safes may be used at the office, for example, to store laptops or sensitive documents or even cash.

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