Subaru Care History from Local Subaru Dealers

Subaru Care History from Local Subaru Dealers


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Local Subaru dealers want to draw attention to their product. They want customers to come check out the Subaru inventory on their lots. Subaru dealers love to offer the following history about Subaru vehicles.

In 1915, the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries was known as The Aircraft Research Laboratory. While local Subaru dealers are not trying to sell flying cars, they are selling a car that is practical and fun to drive. Made by a Japan-based automaker, most Subaru cars use a boxer engine layout. This engine design offers many benefits to ownership, including the safety of all wheel drive.

Since the first Subaru model, called the Subaru 1500, Subaru car dealers have seen increased interest in the cars. For five years, Paul Hogan, as his “Crocodile Dundee” character, advertised the Subaru Outback model. For local Subaru dealers, it helped spur customer inquiries into the cars.

With more customers learning just how fun a Subaru can be to drive, more customers are buying the brand. And as buyers upgrade to newer models, Subaru used inventory is growing. Local Subaru dealers have great deals on both new and used Subaru models.

Car dealerships compete for customers all the time. So, local Subaru dealers want customers to know what a great product line they have to offer. When seeking a new or used vehicle, they urge buyers to stop in to take a test drive. It is the best way to see how fun a Subaru is to drive!
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