5 Vehicles to Check Out at New Chevy Dealers Everywhere

5 Vehicles to Check Out at New Chevy Dealers Everywhere


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Finding cars for sale isn’t a hard thing to do, but visiting car dealerships in Rochester NY or anywhere in the country can be an intimidating and stressful experience. That’s why it’s best to do your research well in advance and go in with a game plan. You don’t need to have the exact vehicle you want selected, as that can change once you actually see and drive it in-person, but you should come equipped with information.

Chevrolet has been a big player in the world of automobile manufactures since 1912. With more than 200 million cars, trucks, and vehicles produced since that time it is one of the biggest and well-known companies in the industry. In fact, a Chevy is sold somewhere on the planet Earth every 6.5 seconds, on average.

Chevy is so popular that they’ve even found thier way into the popular culture sphere. The company has been featured in a plethora of songs (over 1,000) including by the likes of Jay Z, Mariah Carey, and Don Mclean just to name a few.

Buying a new car shouldn’t be about what’s trendy though. Here are a few options you’ll find on new Chevy dealerships across the country that you might be interesting in buying.

  1. Spark: Every new Chevy dealer will most likely have at least one of their international-style mini-car. The spark is great on gas and the environment (up to 41 milers per gallon in the gas units as well as the electric EV model).
  2. Equinox: The Equinox is like the modern day mini-van. Instead of blatantly telling the world you’re a soccer mom (or dad) think about these stylish crossover SUVs at new Chevy dealerships.
  3. Impala: The Impala has been around for awhile and seen various design changes, but it remains one of the best mid-size sedans on the market. With ample space in the back seat and trunk it makes for a great travel car, or grocery lugger.
  4. Corvette: One of America’s classic muscle cars with a new modern appeal. The new Chevy dealers Corvette’s have all the luxury and style of high-end sports cars with a starting price tag of just over $55,000.
  5. Silverado: Chevy’s top-of-the-line truck packs 355 horsepower into a powerful machine that also gets an efficient 23 mile per gallon on the highway!

If a new vehicle is in your future, check out new Chevy dealers and some of these great options today.

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