My Car Door’s Been Scratched Can I Buff This Out On My Own?

My Car Door’s Been Scratched Can I Buff This Out On My Own?


You’ve worked hard all week long. You’re ready to enjoy a weekend to yourself, perhaps some downtime to explore a new hobby…but your car’s been scratched.

Should you spend money taking it to a car repair shop and getting it removed? With Infiniti touch up paint you can buff it out on your time without even a slight drop in quality. The art of the do-it-yourself car touch-up has become rather popular as of late, offering drivers of all interests and budgets to take control of their vehicles in ways they never thought possible. Whether it’s Cadillac touch up paint or Hyundai touch up paint, there’s a perfect match for that scratch that’s trying to bring down your week.

Learn more about using a paint kit for your Dodge Journey or Chevy SUV by reading the quick list below.

Did You Know?

The art of the do-it-yourself car touch up excursion is pretty popular these days. Car owners want to make sure they have control not just over their car’s engine or handling, but its overall presentation. Deep paint scratch repair can cost as low as $300 and as high as $3,000, depending, and this can be a pretty princely investment for someone who just wants to keep their car looking good. Today’s auto industry offers everything from Porsche touch up paint to Toyota touch up paint, all the better to put power back in your hands.

Today’s Car Manufacturing Industry

Today’s auto industry is more than accommodating to drivers of all needs and interests, from the passionate car enthusiast to the casual car owner who just wants their Ford to shine. The auto body industry is valued at around $40 billion and climbing, with the used car sector particularly popular. Car paint is unique in that it can be easily applied and last for quite some time with little upkeep, even if the damage seems bad enough to warrant a professional. The first thing you need to do is determine what, exactly, caused the scratch in the first place.

Common Reasons For Car Scratches

Did the scratch show up with your knowing? How about cropping up after a surprising bump? According to a Direct Line survey, over 50% of all car damage reported is from either keying or scratched paint. Home and vehicle insurance claims linked to hail and wind storms have also accounted for 40% of all losses over the last five years or so. When a deep scratch can potentially put you out of pocket, the function of Infiniti touch up paint will restore your vehicle’s former glory with style and class.

Popular Colors To Choose From

For those with a more specific color like purple or gold, you might have to search a little harder. If you have a common color like white or blue, however, you’ll have the cream of the crop. The auto industry refers to white, black, gray and silver as neutral colors. According to data provided by color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart, white has remained the number one car color of choice in North America for the past decade. Your Infiniti touch up paint or Mercedes Benz touch up paint not only needs to match the same hue, but be of a high enough quality to match the rest of the vehicle.

Choosing The Right Touch Up Paint

You know what’s caused the scratch…or you don’t. You’ve got the color you need and know which car model paint will match your current coat best. Where do you go from here? Car paint scratches are classified under multiple levels. You have the 1A, the 1B, 2, 3 and 4. These all range from the least severe to the most severe, all of which are able to be covered nicely with just a few coatings. Clear coats on cars are generally one to two ml thick and are able to protect the paint’s integrity. Make sure to follow the application instructions as closely as possible to avoid bubbling, streaking or transparency issues.

Don’t let a scratch get you down. See how Infiniti touch up paint can, quite literally, touch up your week.

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