Three Vital Things to Never Neglect on Your Diesel Engine

Three Vital Things to Never Neglect on Your Diesel Engine


With this type of engine seemingly becoming less common than other types, owners might think that finding a decent diesel truck repair shop might be a problem. This isn’t necessarily the case, though, because professional mechanics have to learn about diesel engines first and foremost. So if you have this concern about getting a trailer truck repair, don’t worry, because there’s help to go around.

Some may wonder why diesel engine remains a top choice in the market despite having other available alternatives like biodiesel. The fact of the matter is that there are many benefits to its use, including excellent gas mileage, better torque and durability, and better fuel economy.

Diesel engines are far less common in the United States than they are in Europe, and today only one diesel engine car is sold for every 100 gasoline-powered cars in the United States. With trucks, the situation is a bit different, and 10% of the trucks on the road are actually running on a diesel system.

Why Would Anyone Use Diesel?

The diesel engine is the number one most efficient internal combustion engine design in the world. A diesel engine can get between 400 and 800 miles out of one tank of gas, and the average diesel engine on the roads in America today is getting 45 miles to the gallon. In order to keep diesel engines running at peak efficiency, it’s important to have diesel fuel systems that are regularly maintained with excellent diesel fuel filters, such as the gold standard Fass 150 filters, the right type of oil filter distributors, and a universal fuel pump.

Diesel Filters

Fuel filters for diesel engines, like FASS 150 filters, are designed to keep out important impurities that can harm the engine or greatly reduce efficiency. These include rust, water, dirt, and scale. FASS fuel filters Are designed to withstand an enormous amount of internal differential pressure; at a minimum 75 PSI. This is because the fuel injection system of a diesel engine injects fuel into the engine at an extremely high pressure since diesel fuel is ignited by pressure. This is why FASS 150 filters and other diesel fuel filters suppliers must create durable and reliable products, and why these products must be regularly maintained.

Oil Lift Distributors

Because of the high pressures in the modern diesel engine, is extremely important that everything be clean. This is why the FASS 150 filters are so important and why it is crucial that they be regularly changed out. But it’s also important to keep the oil clean, and that’s where oil lift distributors come in. This type of oil filter captures contaminants before they can cause damage to the engine or any of its components.

Universal Fuel Pumps

Because the fuel in a diesel engine must be injected into the engine at such high pressure, it can be difficult on the engine and hard on its parts to pull the fuel out of the tank and push it into the engine when fuel levels are getting low. While engines come equipped with pumps, an aftermarket lift pump is often an excellent choice for increasing the power of the engine as well as extending its lifespan. As fuel pressure drops, the horsepower potential of the engine drops as well. In some cases, if the pressure is too low this can actually harm the injection pump and cause it to fail early. Adding an aftermarket lift pump is a great way to avoid this situation and make sure that fuel is getting to your engine at the pressure and amounts it needs.

Diesel engines are not the stinking environmental nightmares of decades gone by. The modern engine is far more efficient than the gasoline engine and allows for more powerful horsepower potential with better gas mileage. If you have a diesel engine, make sure you have the right filters, oil lift distributors, and lift pumps to keep your engine running its best for as long as possible.

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