Performance Parts that aren’t Worth your Time or Money

Performance Parts that aren’t Worth your Time or Money


Aftermarket parts for vehicles is a popular industry increasing in popularity quickly. By the year 2020 the entire industry is expected to reach over $700 billion, with a projected growth rate of 3.6%. Vehicle performance parts and aftermarket parts can go a long way with increasing the performance of your vehicle, but not all parts are designed to do so. Some are designed more for looks, which honestly aren’t looking so good. See some popular car mods below that aren’t worth what you spend for them.

Brake Systems

While these are nice to look at, they don’t do much to change or alter the stopping capabilities of the car. Spending extra money on break discs that are extra large and fancy with holes in them will do not to improve Subaru performance. Many of these discs contain holes which are not necessary, so while they may look cool and they’re what everyone else has on their car, you can skip the brake discs when looking at Subaru body kits.

Large Mufflers

There was a point in time when some believed that adding a muffler the size of a coffee can would increase the performance of these cars. This is sadly not true. Smaller mufflers provide the same performance that these larger mufflers provide.

Rear Wings

Another popular thing with subaru aftermarket parts as well as other aftermarket parts are wide wings that are placed on the back of the car. The rate at which majority of cars drive gets no benefit from these. In fact most cars that are front wheel drive could actually lose some control and handling while these are on the vehicle. The purpose was to help stick the tires during rapid speed, but by the time that speed is reached more damage to the front tires will be done rather than benefits.


Spinning hubcaps may look neat, cool and awesome on a vehicle, but that is all they are good for. They serve no purpose what so ever. The spinning is actually a distraction to other drivers leading many places to ban them altogether. When looking for Subaru performance parts stick with ones that actually boost performance, and don’t waste money on these.

Subaru upgrades can be a good thing, if you’re not wasting your money. There is nothing worse than trying to sell your vehicle and not getting back the money that you spent putting into the car. Keep this in mind when purchasing Subaru performance parts for your car. Will the return on investment be worth it?

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