Molded Trunk Mats and The Many Options for Replacement Carpets in Your Car

Molded Trunk Mats and The Many Options for Replacement Carpets in Your Car


The mats of every seat in a car are often molded specifically to the design of its make and model. There is even the molded trunk mat which matches the exact shape of your car’s trunk and helps to protect any potential leaks from damaging the interior.

Replace Auto Carpets and Auto Mats

Sometimes the carpets inside your car are likely to get dirtier from the air that is being brought in from your trips on the road. One example includes those trips behind the exhaust of semi-trucks or other diesel engines. If you are able to use the carpool lane and avoid the dirty exhaust the air that is being brought in through the vents is 30% to 50% cleaner. More than the air, that keeps the carpets of the car much cleaner.

Unfortunately, when you find yourself in the dirtier exhaust or air, your car’s ventilation system drags in all the dirt from the area. All of this dirt stays in car mats and your auto flooring despite continued cleaning. It can even make the upholstery and seat cushions dirty as well. Leading to increased dirt in the air of your car, a need for replacement carpet comes much sooner than you would ever expect. This often requires replacement carpets.

When to Replace My Car Carpets and Mats

While vacuuming on a regular basis may seem to be enough to keep your car mats clean, there is much more to it than that. Over time your air filters may not be changed as often as needed, and cleaning your car carpets will likely not be able to keep them clean enough. Therefore, with time the chemicals and germs drawn in from your time on the road are embedded in your car carpets. Unfortunately, cleaning may not be able to take care of that problem, and it is time for new flooring.

So Many Options for Replacement Car Carpet

Whether it may be a replacement carpet or a set of mats that will help bring clean upholstery into your car, there are many options to be had. The standard update for these mats or car flooring is roughly every ten years. It is hard to imagine anyone who actually thinks about the fact of doing so upon a car that you keep for that many years. Mechanical repairs are often considered to be the most important. So, certain options for carpet and mat replacement include the following:

  • Die cut floor mats
  • Molded trunk mats
  • Custom car carpets
  • Fleece trunk mats
  • Molded carpets
  • Embroidered floor mats
  • Nylon car carpet
  • Vinyl trunk mats
  • Ultra plush carpets
  • Rubber floor mats

No matter what you are looking to complete for the update of clean air in your car, clean carpet while driving is just as important as while you are at home. Some of these many car mat replacement options are helpful, including the molded trunk mat that may not be one you think of very often. With the trunk being right above your exhaust pipes, there is always the potential for dirt to soak into your automobile through the trunk. A clean mat at all locations is helpful for every car. Replacement and restoration carpets in order to help keep the air in your car much cleaner, and is an important factor, especially if children are regularly in your car.

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