Just A Little Idling Can Cost Your Business Money And Harm The Environment GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Just A Little Idling Can Cost Your Business Money And Harm The Environment GPS Fleet Tracking Software


It pays to keep better track of things.

Why do you think people who are more organized tend to fare better than those who are constantly scattered? It’s a fundamental logic of life and something you can take advantage of even when you’re outfitting your truck or trailer for another trip. GPS trailer tracking is one of the most useful inventions to come out of the device, offering you endless opportunities to save. You can even boost the eco-friendly appeal of your business by making the switch. Still not sure how GPS correlates?

Below are five useful additions you can implement with a simple GPS trailer tracking system, from green benefits to heightened safety.

The GPS Is A Flexible Tool For Several Different Applications

You likely already use the GPS to help you navigate the roads or double-check an address. It’s such a common device it can be easy to underestimate all the good it can do. First introduced for automobiles back in the 1990s, the GPS is now a great addition to any transportation business eager to save on costs. Canada, in particular, is in need of more tracking than ever before. Montreal alone relies on 170 vehicles to clear roads and nearly 190 to clear sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways.

You Can Improve Your Eco-Friendly Standing With GPS Trailer Tracking

Green benefits to your business can be felt throughout the rest of society. This isn’t mere hyperbole, but a quantifiable number that only grows with each new installation. Unnecessary idling is a term used to refer to any car that lingers overlong, emitting excess pollutants into the air and affecting the environment. A recent study found unnecessary idling for a mere two hours per day squanders nearly $800 per year per truck. In fact, idle reduction is not just better for the world at large, but actively illegal in several states.

The Weather Is Only Going To Get Worse

The news has been filled with the aftermath of cold snaps and overwhelming storms. Canada’s ten cities that get the most snow average well over 55 days a year. The greatest single-day snowfall recorded in Canada was back in February of 1999, with British Columbia’s Tahtsa blanketed with a metre and a half. Figuring out your commercial vehicle tracking solutions now will help immensely with these record figures later. Even safety from stuck tires and crashes can be reduced.

Improved Safety Is A Great Bonus With Fleet Management

When you’re late it’s tempting to rush so you can keep up with your schedule. When the weather is bad or traffic is heavy, though, you’re just rushing closer to the probability of an accident. GPS trailer tracking is a smart way of making sure every truck and trailer is exactly where it needs to be…and if it’s not, figuring out why as soon as possible. Studies have shown that a mere one km/h decrease in traveling speed can lead to a 3% reduction in road crashes. One way or another, more organization in your business will translate into saved dollars and happier workers.

A More Organized And Timely Business Is A Business That Saves Money

Let’s do a refresher on what GPS trailer tracking can do for your business. As shown with unnecessary idling, using fleet tracking hardware to move around more consistently will both help the environment and keep you from stepping on any legal toes. It also goes a long way in saving you gas and maintenance costs. Fleet GPS tracking is useful for safety measures and can be a smart way of keeping track of any vehicles not quite working to expectations. Last, but not least, it’s just a proactive way of keeping up with the changing weather.

Don’t let a single detail slip through your fingers. Look into fleet tracking Canada hardware this year and watch your business come together.

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