Looking for a New Car? Make Sure to Consider Your Options

Looking for a New Car? Make Sure to Consider Your Options


Cars are one of the most popular goods we can buy, with car sales around the world reaching a record high of 88 million in 2016. This was up almost 5% from the year before and the industry is expected to continued this upward trend. As a result, customers have been increasingly doing more research before they step onto the car lot to make sure that they will leave happy with their purchase.

While it is true that physically going to the car dealership such as a few area ford dealers (since Ford is the currently the most valuable car brand in the United States) is still the most common way to start the car buying process, many customers are choosing to do research beforehand. It is currently estimated that vehicle buyers can spend up to 60% of their time researching their options online before entering the car lot. The most common reason car shoppers start online is to look at different car models and prices and see what options they have. They may also try to see what their own car is currently worth or locate a dealer near them. This is because most are not sure of the kind of car they want and want to consider all of their options.

One reason that people may not want to start out by going to the car lot is that they would prefer to look at certified pre owned vehicles. While it’s true that there are numerous car lease deals available at the car lot, pre-owned cars typically cost less in comparison so you won’t have to be worried about breaking the bank because of your decision. There’s also less risk associated with buying a previously owned car versus something brand new, in terms of insurance and your liability if something happens to it.

Finding a dealership is certainly still an option for you if that’s how you want to start your car search. However, area ford dealers should be aware that customers are becoming more likely to do their research online first. This could indicate a future shift to relying more on research than the salesmen at the dealership to sell cars.

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