Ford F150: Common Issues Owners Should Watch Out For

Ford F150: Common Issues Owners Should Watch Out For


ford f150As of 2017, Ford’s F-series has been the nation’s best-selling truck for 40 consecutive years. But even though the Ford F150 is extremely popular, every vehicle has its issues. While these issues shouldn’t keep you from buying Ford trucks, it’s often helpful to know what to expect going in. That way, when you look at the used trucks for sale available at your local auto dealership, you’ll be as informed as possible. To that end, here are a few of the most common issues that Ford F150 owners experience.

Ignition Coil Failure
The check engine light isn’t such a rare sight in any vehicle, but with this particular truck, it could be for a certain reason. In many F150s, excessive spark plug gaps often lead to ignition coil failure. This gap can also cause the engine to sputter or misfire. You’ll likely need to replace the spark plugs, failed ignition coils, and coil boots if this occurs. These repairs aren’t exactly cheap, so you may want to factor this in to your overall budget for your truck.

Brake Pad Wear
When breaking, you shouldn’t hear squeaking, squealing, or grinding. If you do, you’ll probably require brake pad replacement. Your auto technicians should also check the rotors during replacement. If you need to replace both the brake pads and rotors, you could be looking at anywhere from $300 to $700 in repair costs. So to preserve your current brake pads, be sure to brake lightly whenever possible.

Spark Plug Ejection
Particularly with the V8 F150, the spark plug might be ejected from the cylinder head. This can damage the spark plug hole threads. This is actually such a widespread problem that Ford released a technical service bulletin about it. Fortunately, that means that you’ll be eligible for a cylinder replacement if your truck is still under warranty. This repair could normally cost up into the thousands. If your warranty has run out, Ford can offer a thread insert repair.

Rough Engine Idling
A full-sized truck should idle smoothly, but Ford F150 engines sometimes fail to do so. This is due to an exhaust gas recirculation (or EGR) sensor malfunction — this fault makes the EGR valve close incorrectly. You’ll need to have the EGR sensor and valve replaced to take care of the problem. This is one of the less expensive repairs you can make to your truck.

Although the F150 has its issues, it’s still a wildly popular vehicle that can serve your needs. To determine whether it’s the right vehicle for you, you’ll need help from the best resource for Ford trucks Manhattan KS has to offer. Come visit our dealership or contact us today for more information.

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