Five Important Reasons to Consider Window Tinting for Residence or Business

Five Important Reasons to Consider Window Tinting for Residence or Business


More than ever, due to the rise in interest for in green building, builders and business owner are looking at sun-protecting window tinting as a cost-effective method for increasing energy savings while providing other important benefits to homes and businesses. Applied to the window, window tinting acts as a solar shield for up to 80% of the sun’s heat, based on a study by the International Window Film Association. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider using solar film window tinting for your house or commercial establishment.

Reason 1: Residential Window Tinting and Commercial Window Tinting Can Give You Immediate Savings and Energy Efficiencies

Simply by using window film to tint your windows, customers could save up to 40% on their energy bills. Not only that, the cost of window tinting is substantially less expensive than putting in new replacement windows. By letting in only 20% of the sun’s heat/solar energy homes and buildings become cooler, so you will need your air conditioning a lot less.

Reason 2: Window Tinting Also Prevents Solar Radiation and Light From Coming Through
At the very minimum, over half of all Ultra Violet Radiation (UVA) can pass through windows, the very same radiation that can damage the skin. Window film is an effective solution, offering substantial indoor protection by blocking nearly 100% of UVA rays that otherwise would pass through your home or business.

Reason 3: Window Tinting Houses and Commercial Buildings Can Protect Your Belongings

In a recent study, over half of respondents said they were concerned about the effects of the solar rays causing their furniture, shades, rugs, as well as other home furnishings to fade and lose color. Window tinting can reduce and minimize that problem by lowering the amount of light and UVA radiation coming through.

Reason 4: No More Being Blinded By the Light Through Your Window

Neither Residents or customers enjoy squinting because of a blast of sunlight coming through the windows, making it difficult to see. By adding solar or window film for window tinting, more than half of all glare can be reduced, but still allowing 30 to 80% of light in for illumination.

Reason 5: Window Tinting Can Provide Added Security and Protection for Home and Office

If there is an attempted break-in by smashing windows, the window film can help prevent the window from breaking into shards by holding them in place, slowing or even discouraging a burglar from proceeding any further. This is significant when you consider that a robbery can cost retailers an average of $8,000 in additional expenses.

When considering all the factors of energy savings, health, protection to property and the reasonable costs of installation, window tinting is an improvement that makes sense at home or work. Call today to get an estimate and see what a difference it can make for you.

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