How to Provide Brake Repair for Beginners

How to Provide Brake Repair for Beginners


The video talks about brake repair and how a person can perform such a repair on his or her vehicle.

The first step in the process is jacking up the vehicle. The speaker advises jacking the front of the vehicle up first to perform the swap of the front brakes.

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He advises the person doing the job to ensure that he or she uses jack stands for extra protection. Leaving the jack under the vehicle is another safety measure. The individual may even want to take an additional measure by taking the wheel off the car and putting it underneath the vehicle just in case.

Blocking off the rear wheels with blocks is something else that should be done to ensure that the car doesn’t move even if everything else fails. After placing the blocks in front of the rear wheels, the individual can remove the front wheel to change the first brake.

The next step is turning the brake caliper sideways so that it points outward to give easier access to make the repairs. The steps involved in the brake repair process are removing the brake pads, removing the caliper, removing the rotor, and then replacing the parts that need to be replaced.

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