America’s Chevy Love Affair

America’s Chevy Love Affair


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There is a reason new Chevy dealers are springing up around America. It’s because the Chevrolet remains one of America’s favourite cars. In 2011, there were more than 4.76 million Chevy cars and trucks sold. And it is not only the U.S that loves the iconic car brand; there are Chevy cars for sale in more than two-thirds of the world and one is sold every 6.5 seconds!

Founded in 1912, the brand has sold over 200 million cars and trucks. The famous bow tie emblem first debuted in 1913. If you took every Chevy sold in 2010 and put it in a line, it would cover more than half the world’s circumference. From pre owned cars to brand new models, Chevrolet continues to capture the imagination not only of drivers, but of cultural icons too. Versions of the car have featured in more than 1,000 cars including those of Kid Rock, Jay Z and Mariah Carey.

It’s popularity has garnered its manufacturer lots of social media attention. According to the Social Bakers site, Chevrolet has over 4.1 million Facebook fans. General Motors, the parent brand of Chevrolet, has targeted Millennials for some of its models such as Spark, Sonic and Cruze. The social media focused generation then expects engagement through their favourite medium. In an interview with USAToday, Chevy’s marketing executive stated that a quarter of all new car sales are by Millennials. Local Chevy dealers also benefit from this social media engagement as it drives traffic to their sites and can result in sales.

It seems certain that America’s love affair with the quintessential General Motors powerhouse will continue. A recent press release from General Motors noted that Chevrolet’s retail market share in 2015 grew faster than any other full-line brand in the car industry. It sold over 2.1 million Chevy vehicles at new Chevy dealers in the U.S in 2015 alone.

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