Helping the Environment, One Bus at a Time

Helping the Environment, One Bus at a Time


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Now more than ever, bus companies are making a huge effort to limit their carbon footprints out on the road, making traveling via bus one of the smarter and more environmentally-conscious ways to travel. But how are they doing this?

  • Coach buses are almost like big carpool cars — they carry big groups of people so that each individual person isn’t driving a separate car. This can make a huge difference when lots of people are traveling long distances. Not only do the passengers save gas, but they also save money.

  • Some people think of planes as a more environmentally-conscious way to travel, since they are able to carry a large amount of passengers at once. But planes are actually one of the worst culprits of carbon dioxide emissions, and the worst part is that the gases are emitted high up in the atmosphere. Buses, on the other hand, emit significantly less harmful gases. The Tufts Climate Commission actually released a report stating that traveling on a bus or train reduces a person’s carbon footprint by as much as seven times more than when that person chooses to travel via airplane.

  • If you’re looking for specific numbers, a bus merits about 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel — which is huge, compared to 44 passenger MPG for planes and 27 passenger miles for individual cars. Regardless of how great a distance you need to travel, coach buses constantly provide better fuel efficiency than nearly every other method of travelling.

These are just a few basic ways that charter buses are becoming the greenest way to travel, but now more than ever, bus companies are making huge efforts to limit waste and gas. Newer buses often run on clean, natural gas or electricity, and bus companies are continuing to research new energy technologies to make sure that buses continue to be the safest, more affordable, and greenest way to travel.
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