3 Hollywood Buses That Stole The Show

3 Hollywood Buses That Stole The Show


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The benefits of bus travel are too numerous to count. It’s cheap, cozy, and you can live out you Jetsons-esque fantasy of having wifi on a bus. But the best thing about being able to travel comfortably on a bus is all of the cinematic views. No matter where you’re going, a bus just screams movie magic. Here are some movie buses that stole the show, and without which we never could have experienced all the zany adventures of road tripping.

Little Miss Sunshine – We all remember the quirky indie classic about the adorably dysfunctional family who head out to California to help Abigail Breslin achieve her dreams. But where would this movie be without the unreliable iconic yellow VW bus? The journey would have ended before it had time to start. Either that, or they would have just joined an awkward tour group on a coach bus. I couldn’t tell you.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – When Harry decides to flee the Dursley’s house once and for all, he almost gets wrecked by a mystical purple double-decker bus. If he hadn’t accidentally summoned the vehicle, he probably would have been stuck on Privet Drive for the rest of his life. (Or Sirius would have saved him. But there were no guarantees of Sirius’ morality alignment at that point. So we may never know.)

The Muppets – Definitely the zaniest of the road trips on this list, the Muppets’ bus was probably a little less comfortable than coach bus transportation. But it got the job done, and the crew reached their destination in (what some would call) style.

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