Five Helpful Hints For Customizing a Motorcycle

Five Helpful Hints For Customizing a Motorcycle


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Most people who buy a motorcycle enjoy the fact that it is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to other types of vehicles, but usually the cool factor is the biggest influence in a motorcycle purchase. This is why new riders are usually champing at the bit to start customizing their bikes soon after they purchase them. Motorcycle customization gives motorcycle owners a chance to let their personality shine through their bike, and it definitely makes it stand out better on the road. Customizing motorcycles is a big project, and it can get pricey. That’s why it is important to have a well-thought out plan in place before starting any modifications. Here are some tips for new motorcycle riders to help them get started on their customization:

  1. Pick a Theme – The first step in any motorcycle customization project is to pick a theme for the bike. This helps keep things from getting all over the place and ties the bike design together nicely. Once a theme is decided on, stick with it from start to finish.
  2. New Paint Job – A custom paint job is often times the most dramatic change a bike can undergo. It gives the bike a clean, shiny look and it is a great opportunity to tie in pieces of the theme. For example, someone who wants to incorporate dragons on their bike could have dragons painted on.
  3. Unique Motorcycle Parts and Accessories – Custom motorcycle parts and accessories can really help a bike stand out in the crowd, and their is virtually no limit on ways to customize motorcycle parts and accessories. Creativity can be applied from the mirrors to the exhaust pipe.
  4. Consistency – Once a certain style is chosen for customizing parts and accessories, it is a good idea to stick with that style for consistency. For example, if the handlebars are outfitted with chrome, use chrome on other metal fixtures as well. Trying to incorporate too many different things can start to look sloppy.
  5. Don’t Compromise Functionality – It’s easy to get carried away with customizations, but it is important to remember not to go overboard. Riders should never compromise functionality just to make something look cool. This can not only make the bike less comfortable and less efficient, but can also affect the safety of the bike.

A motorcycle is a unique alternative mode of transportation, and customizing them allows their owner to add in little pieces of their personality. New riders looking to customize their bikes can follow these tips to ensure they are happy with their new, unique look.

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