4 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New School Bus For Sale

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New School Bus For Sale


Weather you need a bus to safely transport passengers to and from school, or you need one for your business staff, there are many things to consider when trying to find the right bus. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at a new school bus for sale.

Your Needs

Making sure that your bus is capable of suiting your needs is essential. A couple things to think about are:

  • Size. If you need a 30 passenger school bus, or seating for up to 90, you’re going to want to think hard about how many people you will be transporting regularly. You also don’t want to invest in a larger bus when you’re only going to use half of the seats. If you work for a school district make sure to communicate with them about how many students you’ll have to service, or speak with your business partners about how many employees or clients you’ll have to transport usually.
  • Amenities. Consider what your typical passenger will be carrying, and how many stops you will be making. This helps you plan for the amount of baggage, space, and entry/exit doors. A new school bus for sale will typically have enough room for backpacks and gym bags, usually in under seat storage spaces. For students this is typically ample space to suit their needs.
  • Engines. The engine is also something to take into consideration. Diesel engines are a solid choice, and they often get better mileage than gasoline engines; however, they can create more pollution, and some cities may have regulations against them.

    Gasoline engines on the other hand, are cleaner overall; however, they can be more costly to purchase initially. Asking a dealer about the pros and cons of both types of engines, and if they offer them, can help when purchasing a new school bus for sale.
  • Budget. Cutting cost isn’t a good reason for undercutting your needs; however, your budget should be taken into consideration when looking at school buses. Speak to multiple dealers in your area, as well as with your school district or business. Find out what you need, and how much you can spend overall. If a new school bus for sale is too steep in your area, you can always considered used options.

    When buying used, it’s important to fully inspect your bus, and even get a mechanics okay, before purchase. This helps ensure you are getting the best value, without worrying about costly repairs in the too near future.

Buying A New School Bus For Sale

Whether you are adding a new vehicle to your fleet, or replacing an old one, buying a new vehicle can be appealing due to appearance, and the knowledge that it has no prior wear and tear. However, regardless of it your buying new or used, always take stock of what you need before you make the purchase. You don’t want to risk running out of space, but you also don’t want to pay for more seats than you need.

Speak with multiple dealers in your area, and see what they can offer you. Don’t hesitate to shop around to ensure that you get exactly what you want, and exactly the type of bus that you need.

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