3 Ways Armored Cars Merge Safety and Style

3 Ways Armored Cars Merge Safety and Style


The world has changed, and more than ever, it’s become necessary for people who move within it to have the protection they need. Whether you’re working with a-list clientele or business contacts, the need to escort in bulletproof cars for sale has never been higher. If you’re on the fence about whether an armored car is the right move for your business, here are three reasons to consider making the investment for your fleet.

Safety for Everyone Involved

If you’re in security, it’s your job to consider the worst case scenario, and that means understanding that transporting valuables or high-value clientele in a standard vehicle is asking for trouble. With bulletproof cars, you can have an edge over other security companies by showing your clients that you’re treating them and their valuables with the respect and gravity they deserve.

Discreet Protection

Gone are the days of all bulletproof vehicles looking like they stepped out of a military movie. These days, late-model armored cars are nearly indistinguishable from their unarmored counterparts. In many cases, they offer similar performance and speed, but the difference is the ways in which they’re manufactured. If you purchase bulletproof cars for sale, you can expect bulletproof glass, reinforced paneling, and enhanced suspension, as well as the ability to seal passenger compartments and allow for discreet exits. This is in addition to features such as GPS vehicle recovery features and powerful engines to support the heavier materials without sacrificing performance on the road. These features are only some of the ones available when customizing an armored suv or van, and can be further customized based on the anticipated threats or the security fleet’s needs.

It’s a Showpiece In Any Fleet

These vehicles are investments, and will be the jewel in any fleet. If your security firm is looking to break into higher-powered clientele such as dignitaries, visiting military personnel, or other high-powered people, an armored vehicle is a way to set yourself apart from competitors. Not only will its presence attract a higher echelon of business, but it will also make the other vehicles in your fleet seem elevated by comparison because people will know that you place a high value on your clients’ security.

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