What to Consider When Buying Used Bus

What to Consider When Buying Used Bus


Before you think of investing in the transportation industry you should make a decision on the type of bus you wish to purchase. If you’ve got a low budget and the use for the bus is for a short time, you should consider used buses. In the United States there is an estimated 976,161 buses, meaning that you won’t miss a bus dealer for the type of vehicle you want.

Compared to the newer buses, the used models are less expensive. This, however, doesn’t translate to a great deal. If you evaluate the cost of ownership including repair and maintenance, it may turn out expensive than a new one.

Selecting the right used bus may be a profitable choice. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the important factors to consider.

Body Style

The body style may not necessarily be an issue but a matter of choice. There are companies that make durable shells than others, and its best that you ask questions about the body style to your seller. One of the important things to think about is the placement of the entry door. Take note that if you select exit/entry that are towards the middle, you may end up losing one or two extra seats.

Service Consideration

A low priced heavy duty bus may not be worth it if there isn’t a service provider nearby to maintain your bus. Your service provider may only be experienced with particular types of charter vans engine and transmission. Therefore, buying a vehicle you have no idea how to fix means that you’ll spend a lot of time and expense finding the right bus maintenance provider.

If it’s already beyond warranty, you may have to pay for replacement parts, or struggle finding them.


The condition of the bus is an important factor to consider when getting a used bus for sale. This means that you have to check the frame, drive-train and interior to make sure that they’re in perfect condition. For heavy duty transit buses, check whether they have been under any maintenance over time. You should also inspect the interior for wear and tear or any other damages.

Don’t forget to check the rusting between the joints and test the interior features such as audio equipment and HVAC system.


When doing the drive test you should check how it changes gears. If it’s manual transmission make sure that it changes smoothly. It’s also important to ask the owner if the transmission and engine have been rebuilt. If so, is the warranty on the rebuild transferable? If there are any maintenance records, ask to see them.

This will give you a better idea on how often the charter vans oil has been changed and if there has been any maintenance work done on the vehicle.


When buying a bus you should make sure that there are no leaks, especially from the automatic transmission. If you’re from a test drive check the area when it was previously packed and where it packed after the test drive.

Intended Use

How you plan to use charter vans is an important factor before making a buying decision. Are you planning to use the bus for tours around the town? Is it meant for airport transfers? Will you be using it for cross-country trips? If you’re planning to go for longer trips you should consider buses with amenities strong engine and chassis, bathroom, and luggage space.

If a bus doesn’t feature such amenities, it means that you’ll spend more to install them.

Size and space

When buying a bus, the size and space of the vehicle matters. This means selecting a bus with a rear entrance storage room as well as overhead. It also needs to have enough standing and seating capacity. If you plan to modify the vehicle in future, you should make sure that the chassis can bear any added weight. You also have to check with your local state laws regarding the weight rating.

Finding the right charter vans can be a headache if you don’t know where to start. This guide provides important aspects that will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right bus.

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