Why You Should Use A Car Storage Facility When Out Of Town Or On Vacation

Why You Should Use A Car Storage Facility When Out Of Town Or On Vacation


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Keeping your vehicles safe from both the elements and prying hands is always on your mind. After all, cracked windows or potential damage from a break-in can cost thousands of dollars and really put you out of pocket when you need it least! Car storage options are becoming increasingly popular as a result, offering RV owners and truck owners peace of mind when they’re out of town. They have all sorts of useful services, reduce the risk for theft and damage and are the perfect option for people of all budgets and car types. Below are some common fears car owners have and, likewise, solutions to these common problems.

Plentiful Locations

First things first — you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you can find available RV storage when you’re about to go on vacation or leave town for a business meeting. There are an estimated 52,500 storage facilities currently located all across the United States, with the storage facility industry employing around 172,000 people in consultation, marketing and maintenance. The storage unit industry even makes $22 billion in revenue every year! Long term car storage isn’t a minor luxury — it’s a necessity to take good care of what’s yours.

Bad Weather

All seasons have their own unique forms of beauty. Unfortunately, they also have their own unique forms of damage, too! Spring is known for its constant winds and rains, both of which can lay waste to your car while you’re gone for a few days and lead to cracked windshields, fallen trees on your hood and countless leaves sticking out between your doors. Professional storage units and RV storage facilities allow you the luxury of storing vehicles during unfavorable weather to circumvent damage and messes.

Water Damage

Think bad weather is all you have to worry about? Water damage is a notorious element for many a car owner, causing all sorts of trouble right under their noses. Water damage can seep through the cracks of your car, causing orange rust to appear over time — rust is not just unsightly, it’s a health hazard that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Professional storage units are dry and of an agreeable temperature to avoid the risk of water damage and, by association rust, while you’re away.

Basic Necessities

You’ll want to make sure your car storage units and RV storage facilities have these basics covered before you commit to any length of time in their service. Storage units should be clean and secure, offering access to their units seven days a week for customers at their merest convenience. Storage units with drive up access are quite convenient for both loading and unloading belongings without walking long distances, to boot, and they should give you your own private space to secure additional valuables.

Renting A Storage Unit Facility

Now that you know the benefits of keeping your car, boat or RV cozy in a storage unit facility, where do you get started? Remember that, before you rent a storage unit, you need to inspect the inside to make sure it’s clean and dry. After all, you want to protect your vehicle from water damage, not contribute to it! You can rent for a day or a few weeks, all the better to provide convenience in your busy life. Last, but not least, double-check with the particulars of your storage unit to make sure you have no nasty surprises on your return. Ready to enjoy your vacation without worry? Keep these storage unit tips on hand and you’re good to go.

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