Benefits of Required Continuing Adult Driving Courses

Benefits of Required Continuing Adult Driving Courses


Defensive driving class

Many people are first exposed to driving during their teen years. In the United States, you can legally obtain a driver?s license at age 16. This follows a driving course and a set number of driving experience hours. However, most people do not come across all driving situations during these practice hours. You may even find yourself in confusing driving situations as an adult who has been driving for many years. A lot of states believe that requiring continuing drivers education classes would be beneficial for many reasons.

Refresher on current driving skills
There are many rules of the road. Even if you learned the rules during your initial driving classes, it is possible to forget many of them over time. You may also forget crucial parking steps. For example, parallel parking is a part of many state?s driving tests. Even if you practiced for many weeks in preparation for the parallel parking test, it is likely that you have forgotten the skill, if you do not frequently use it. You may also question specific driving laws, such as four way stops or what to do when a school bus is in front of you. Most people could benefit in some way from refreshing their current driving skills.

Reiterate importance of safety
Safety is an important part of many driving courses. It can be helpful to reiterate these safety steps. Only 65% of teens consistently wear their seat belts as both a driver and a passenger. These numbers decrease as the teen gets older. Many years of not wearing a seat belt paired with no accidents can reinforce the idea of the seatbelt being pointless. However, adult driving classes is the perfect opportunity to refresh the importance of this safety feature.

Other important safety tips that may be included in an adult driving course are weather related driving, the appropriate steps in an auto accident, and distracted driving. With distracted driving being a problem in today?s times, an adult driving course can be essential in bringing down auto fatalities. The fatality rate for drivers age 16 to 19 is four times that of drivers age 25 to 69 years. A lot of the increase is directly related to distracted driving, or operating a vehicle while also using a mobile device or electronic console in the vehicle.

Teach new laws
Driving laws are consistently changing. When new problems arise, new laws are created to solve them. When the usage of technology and mobile devices while operating a device got out of hand, many states and individual cities passed their own laws, making driving and using a cell phone illegal. Adult driving courses are a great way to teach new laws to older drivers. It is also a great way to pass on these new laws to adults who have their own teenagers that they will soon teach to drive.

Identify driving mistakes
Even if you have been driving for many years, you may be making a driving mistake. You may be following traffic signals incorrectly or not treating yield signs properly. Even if you have not been involved in any auto accidents or not received any traffic violations, it does not mean that you are following all of the necessary driving rules. Taking a refresher adult driving course can help pinpoint any driving mistakes that you have been making for years. You can work on improving these mistakes and on becoming a safer and smarter driver.

There are currently 214 million licensed drivers in the U.S. There are also thousands of auto accidents per day and hundreds of thousands of drivers engaging in unsafe driving habits. A lot of people have evaluated the benefits of continuing adult driving education. Requiring adult driving courses every year, or every couple of years could make the roads safer. It could also reduce accidents and expensive traffic violations. Adult driving courses are perfect for brushing up on important driving habits and for learning to most current of driving laws and regulations.

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