Why Not Commute to Work Riding a Honda Motorcycle or Scooter?

Why Not Commute to Work Riding a Honda Motorcycle or Scooter?


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Motorcycles and scooters are both popular vehicles in the United States. In 2015, for example, over 500,000 motorcycles were sold. It’s important to note that this reflected a 3.55% increase over the previous year’s sales. While many consumers have purchased multiple motorcycles over the years, 22% of the people that recently purchased a motorcycle for sale were first-time buyers. Furthermore, more Baby Boomers than Millennials own motorcycles, and recent figures indicate that this is at a four-to-one ratio.

On average, motorcyclists will go riding a minimum of 100 days every year. This includes commuting to work and for recreational and other purposes. In addition to enjoying the feel of riding motorcycles and scooters, many people do so because these vehicles get excellent gas mileage. Honda’s 2017 Metropolitan Scooter, for example, gets 117 miles per gallon.

It’s not unusual for motorcycle owners to also have other recreational vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). In 1970, Honda produced their first three-wheeled ATV. Most ATVs, however, now have four wheels. ATVs are also growing in popularity, as 228,350 were sold in the United States in 2015. By the spring of 2016, there were about 11.9 million households that owned an ATV. Chances are that many of these households owned more than one.

When someone is looking for an alternative mode of transportation, motorcycles and scooters are at the top of the list. Since it can feel exhilarating to ride these vehicles and they get great gas mileage, this is not surprising. Furthermore, when the weather is nice, it’s great to take a few ATVs out to the desert for an afternoon of weekend or vacation fun with family and friends.

If you’re looking for a street bike, motorcycle, or ATV, there’s a Honda dealer near you. In case you already have one or more of these vehicles, you may want to take it down to the Honda service center for routine maintenance. When repairs are needed, your Honda service center will be able to handle these and have the necessary parts on hand. When you have an older model that you’re planning to restore, your service center should be able to assist you with finding the parts you need to get it running again.

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