Three Reasons to Install Backup Cameras

Three Reasons to Install Backup Cameras


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One of the crucial parts of driving is going in reverse. It’s not like in the movies where the drivers seamlessly maneuver in reverse for miles, going the wrong way on a one-way street. In real life, reverse is used in parking, connecting to trailers or equipment, and trying to pull into or out of the flow of traffic. Most people, thankfully, will never need the crazy driving skills of professionals and will never use reverse for any considerable distance. That doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. In fact, accidents happen all the time while people are going in reverse, even just for short distances. Installing a trailer backup camera or wireless rear view camera can help decrease the number of accidents. Here are the top three reasons to install a trailer backup camera.

1. People are injured or even killed. Each year, over 18,000 people are injured and nearly 300 people are killed by a driver backing into them. Imagine that was a loved one, even a child. Suddenly those numbers are not just numbers, but have meaning and represent real loss. These losses can be prevented by attentive driving and an auto backup camera.

2. Risks are reduced with a backup camera. Drivers are 46 percent less likely to have a collision when back up cameras are used. That’s nearly half the number of accidents which can lead to reduced injuries and deaths. Fewer people are at risk when wireless backup cameras are used. This makes sense. Backup cameras allow you to see where otherwise you would not be able to see. Directly behind the car or truck is the hardest to see and this is where backup cameras are aimed.

3. Trailer backup cameras allow people to feel safer. Among drivers that were surveyed, 80 percent said vehicles were safer with backup cameras. For the driver and for a pedestrian on a street or in a parking lot, vehicles with backup cameras are safer. They reduce the risk of being struck and of causing a collision. Easy backup camera installation allows even a novice car person to install life saving equipment.

Trailer backup cameras are easy to install and could save nearly 300 lives per year. Next time you are backing out of the driveway or backing the trailer into place, consider how much easier and safer the process could be with a backup camera. See behind you with no problems as you move in reverse. This measure of safety will not only make people around you more comfortable, but will also make you feel more confident as a driver. Consider adding a backup camera to your vehicle.

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